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In the fall of 1995 as Pockets and I were studying for exams, we got a phone call from Elizabeth who stars in many of the squirting videos in Joe's Living Room.  Elizabeth needed to make some money right away and she had heard from Joe about the watersports videos we were selling on the Net.  She wanted to find out what was involved in making a watersports video.  I asked her, "Are you desperate to wet your pants?"  She replied she was so desperate she could piss a tidal wave in her pants or anywhere else if it could get her some quick cash.

We made some financial agreements and discussed the types of scenes guys would like to see in a video.  She obviously had not done this before but was determined to learn what to do as fast as possible.  She even talked Joe into donating his services so she could make the video that same weekend.  After talking with her, we wondered how many guys would go crazy if a girl called them up and offered to pee her pants if the guy would tell her what to wear and how he wanted her to do it?

We had wanted to make another video for quite a while to offer to watersports fans but we were concerned about government censorship on the Net plus we had a few threats from a source we could never track down.  But our biggest problem was we did not have enough time and all our schedules were crazy during our last year of college including summer vacation.  We also had to rent camera and lighting equipment from a local video store to make videos because we do not have our own and this further complicated our efforts to make another video.

We made a deal for exclusive rights to Elizabeth's first watersports video.  If you have bought any of Elizabeth's squirting videos, you have seen how pretty and petite this 26 year old brunette is and how she can put on quite an act.  You also know that Joe's video equipment is professional quality and so are his videos.  When you combine Elizabeth's looks and style with Joe's professional video skills along with our humor and ideas for a watersports video, the result of this collaboration is different from anything you have ever seen before even if you are a watersports video collector!

The video has 11 different scenes and runs over 70 minutes.  You will see Elizabeth like you have never seen her before -- with her clothes on!  There are no nude peeing scenes (although one comes very close) because we wanted to keep this video legal in as many places as possible with various community standards laws.

The first 3 scenes are all "desperation" scenes.  We know a lot of guys like to see us girls squirming while we try to avoid wetting ourselves.  The video begins as Elizabeth is cleaning the pool with a skimmer at Joe's place.  She is wearing a skimpy bikini and talking to herself about how bad she has to pee as she prances, squeezes her legs, and even whistles to avoid having an accident.  When she can't wait any longer, she squats over a drain in the pool deck to relieve herself.

In the second scene, she is sitting near the pool dressed in a short skirt and pull over top.  She squirms and crosses and uncrosses her legs as she talks about federal budget cuts that may result in fewer public rest rooms.  She discusses problems girls have with pay toilets, long lines at concerts, and using the men's room before offering to show us how "drip dry" works.  She plays with her wet panties after soaking them and describes her feelings of relief and pleasure.

Next, Elizabeth finds herself in a bathroom but the toilet is "in use" behind a locked door.  After wiggling and pacing back and forth, she has to make a difficult decision whether to use the sink, the shower, or the bath tub.  She finally chooses the sink and shows how easy it is to wet her panties without getting her dress or thigh-high nylons wet.  With a smile on her face, she is free to rejoin society without anyone knowing about her naughty fun.

In the next 2 scenes she acts out some fantasies. Elizabeth was fascinated by my story about pissing on a candle while wearing my panties to win a bet. She knew Sneakers tried to reenact it in the video she made for her boyfriend (which became part of our Bloopers video). She wanted to try it. While dancing to music, she unbuttons the front of her skirt. After getting into the mood for this wet fun, she straddles a lit candle on a raised table. Elizabeth had no idea how close she was to the candle but she must have felt the heat! If she had waited one second longer to pee, she would have singed her panties and had one very hot pussy! She missed the candle despite how close she was to the flame but the camera angle was perfect resulting in one very funny and erotic scene. Maybe Elizabeth will try this again in a future video. It is not as easy as you might think for a girl to extinguish a candle this way!

In the 5th scene, Elizabeth is wearing her bikini as she lays on a lounge chair by the pool. She begins recalling memories of beach fun she has had with guys and gets very horny just thinking about it. She grabs a vibrator and starts to get herself off. But she has a problem! She has to pee! But she wants to cum first and decides to hold it. As she plays with herself, she talks about other memories at the beach and how she got the sand out of the crack in her ass by letting some pee go. By this time she has pulled her bikini aside and is using the vibrator directly on her clit. Finally she pees while using the vibrator and you get to see the stream but the vibrator covers any nude peeing. (Sorry, we wanted to keep it legal for as many people as possible).

Next we watch Elizabeth waking up in the morning to soft music in the background. Thoughts of her naughty activities the night before are making her horny as she cuddles with her pillow while wearing nothing but her panties. Then she stumbles into the bathroom still half asleep and mumbles about how bad she needs to pee. She is sleepwalking and still dreaming about having more wet fun as she enters the bathtub with her eyes still closed. She talks in short phrases about "rivers of water" and "nature" as she sits on the side of the tub and continues to dream about how bad she needs to pee. She wakes up just enough to decide to be naughty and wets her panties right there to fully enjoy the first pee of the morning. When she finishes, she inspects how wet her panties are.

By the next scene, she is fully awake and ready for a little mischief out by the pool. She is wearing a black pull-over top, short skirt, and pastel panties as she straddles a lounge chair. This consummate party girl talks about what it takes to make her desperate to pee and what girls have to do in desperate situations. She discusses various beverages and decides to make a margarita with her own special ingredient! You get to watch as she fills the glass. We will have to order a refill in another video!

Next we see Elizabeth entering the bathroom in a sultry, sexy mood. She dances and prances around the bathroom playing with her hair and releases her tits from the top of her dress so she can play with them. Then she sits on the side of the tub and decides to pee right there in her panties just so she can enjoy the hot, wet, sexy feeling it gives her. As she savors the feeling, she throws her head back and her hard nipples stand out in bold relief against her smooth dress. By not paying attention to what she was doing, the back of her dress got wet this time!

It is night time again as we join Elizabeth in the next scene as she is sitting cross-legged by the pool in her sweatshirt and blue jeans. She is reminiscing about school memories of a classmate who wet her pants in kindergarten, other kids who "smelled funny" and how she liked to go out in a field behind her house when she was a little girl and "make puddles." Finally, she asks us while looking at the camera if we would like to see how big of a puddle she can make today! She stands up and assumes a classic pose like one of Tinker's cheerleaders -- hands on her hips, head rolled back, nipples bulging against her sweatshirt, legs apart and slightly bent at the knees. Then we witness a wet patch starting to form in her crotch which quickly becomes a glistening torrent running down both pant legs. It runs from her cuffs like dancing streams across her bare feet until it forms a large puddle on the deck by the pool. After she finishes, she comments about how she likes to watch a guy pee by "initialing her" with a large letter "E" with his piss.

Our next scene is a surprise! We are not going to describe it except to say it is totally outrageous!!! We think it is wildly hilarious and a prime example of my weird humor! You may think it is wildly erotic and the best watersports turn-on you have ever seen. To have its full effect, we don't want to spoil it for you by telling you what to expect in advance. Those who get this video are free to disclose the contents of this scene if they want in the watersports newsgroups but we hope they will decide to have a little fun too after they see it and only give teasing hints about what it contains.

The final scene is not a peeing scene but it is very wet. Elizabeth walks into the bathroom wearing her pee stained shorts from the previous scene. Then she invites us to watch as she gets into the shower with her clothes on and does a slow strip while the warm water soaks any part of her clothes that are not already wet. With the water caressing her body, she explores her body with her hands before lathering up and washing her hair. She strikes some teasing poses as the water continues to cascade down her naked skin and talks to you about feelings of being wet before waving good-bye!

If you want to see what Elizabeth looks like, you will have to get issue #13 of Wet Set Magazine. Two full pictures of Elizabeth appear on the lower half of page 23 and one picture appears on the top of page 24. Elizabeth gave her permission for pictures to appear in Wet Set but under our agreement with Elizabeth, her face will never be displayed on our Web site.



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