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Patches 19 - Hot Times and Wet Fun
This video runs 60 minutes and has 8 different models: Cassidy, Jennifer, Jessica, Melissa, and our newest models, Angel, Taunette, Ashley and Alicia.  None of the models' faces are shown on this Web page.  Faces are shown in the video.


Scene One
Scene 1 begins with Cassidy, Jennifer and Melissa in tight blue jeans.  They enter their motel room and discover a rattle snake.  They climb up on various ledges and soon they are all dying to pee.  Melissa is the first to lose control and pees her pants in a long, glistening flood.  Cassidy wiggles and giggles but Jessica is the next one to flood her pants.  Cassidy's denim jeans are the next victim of a bladder that is too full as she is perched on her ledge with her legs spread apart and drenches them.


Scene Two
Scene 2 finds Melissa outside trying to fix her broken air conditioner.  Her tight blue jeans are soon spilling more water than the air conditioner condenser unit.  She is really desperate because she wanted to fix the air conditioner first.


Scene Three
In scene 3 Melissa and Taunette come to a back yard gate and find it is locked.  Of course, they both have to pee and Melissa stands there in her tight button fly jeans and shows Taunette how to relieve the pressure.  Taunette is wearing old fashioned skin tight clam diggers (or is it "puddle" pushers) and tries to repeat what Melissa her just done but holds on just a little longer until the next scene.


Scene Four
Taunette is the passenger in a car as Scene 4 opens and she is wearing the same tight jeans as in the previous scene.  Now she really can't hold it any longer and as the car stops, she jumps out, half squats next to the car, and soaks her pants completely.


Scene Five
In scene 5 Melissa, Cassidy and Jessica are enjoying themselves at the beach and wading into the water.  The sound of the waves and the cool water on their legs has its effect on the girls.  Soon they feel the desperate urges growing and they decide to indulge in their favorite watersports -- wetting their shorts!  They take turns peeing in their pants while standing in the water.


Scene Six
Melissa is giving her kitten a bath in the kitchen sink in scene 6.  Since the kitten hates water, she has to hold onto it every second to be sure it doesn't get away.  Melissa has another problem beside the kitten wanting to get away: she has to pee badly!  The desperation ends with Melissa wetting her white panties.


Scene Seven
Scene 7 starts with Melissa and Alicia sitting outside on the wooden veranda wearing their cut off jeans.  Of course, they have to pee!  Melissa is the first one to soak her shorts standing up.  Alicia decides to try it but gets pee shy while trying to wet her pants for the first time in front of a camera, but she finally succeeds and finds relief in more ways than one.


Scene Eight
Scene 8 features Angel and Taunette both wearing tight jeans: grey and light blue.  They are sitting on the same veranda as in the previous scene talking about their need to pee and who will go first.  Soon Taunette is watching a growing wet patch spread between her legs and declares that she couldn't stop peeing if she wanted too.  From the tone of her voice, you know she doesn't want to stop -- it feels too good!  Angel is a bit shy at first and a bit nervous that someone might see her.  Taunette helps her relax and soon the pee is flowing in her light blue jeans too as she sits there enjoying it.


Scene Nine
In Scene 9 it becomes clear the veranda is a popular place to pee your pants.  Alicia, in loose fitting jean shorts, and Jennifer, with her tight blue jeans, are sitting next to each other.  Jennifer is the first one who says she is pretty desperate.  Both girls show great desperation before the real action starts.  While Jennifer may have had trouble peeing in very tight jeans in our earlier videos, this time she quickly relaxes and soaks them while standing up.  Jennifer often fills her boots with pee and this is no exception.  She has to dump the pee out of her boots in this scene too.  Alicia is a newcomer and had a little trouble wetting her pants at first but soon she has soaked her denim shorts.


Scene Ten
Melissa is working in the garden wearing her tight denim blue jeans in scene 10.  She is pruning bushes and finds she has to pee.  Instead of going inside to use the bathroom, she decides to indulge herself and just let it go in her jeans until is it running out the legs of her pants.


Scene Eleven
Scene 11 has some typical Patches humor as Melissa is alone out in the yard cleaning golf clubs.  The lack of water to wash them is no problem -- she just pees on them through her tight denim jeans.  She is not desperate and she even misses the club she is trying to pee on but she sure enjoys herself!


Scene Twelve
In the next scene, Melissa is looking at a map and wondering where to go to on vacation this year.  She wonders about all the traffic in the state of New York and what would happen if she had to pee.  This reminds her of her present desperation and so she wets her shorts to simulate the experience of being stuck in traffic.


Scene Thirteen
Cassidy, Jennifer and Melissa are singing pee songs as they sit on the kitchen counter dressed only in their panties and tops.  One lyric they came up with is "I've got to pee like an animal!"  This is followed by a chorus of "Tinkle, tinkle, little pee-er!"  Jennifer and Cassidy spread Melissa's legs over their knees as they sit on each side of her.  Melissa pees so long and forcefully, she almost has an orgasm!  She probably would have except the other girls kept talking to her all the time.  Then Cassidy and Jennifer wet their panties on the kitchen counter too.  This is a very wet and erotic scene!


Scene Fourteen
Scene 14 offers an excellent desperation scene as Melissa is locked out of her house.  She was so desperate, she almost didn't make it back in front of the camera as she was running around holding onto her crotch!  Then she pees her shorts while standing in front of the locked door.

Finally, there is a preview of Patches 20.  Jennifer and Ashley are in the bathroom and Jennifer's zipper is stuck.  She starts laughing so hard she is almost hysterical.  Then she pees her very tight blue jeans while standing spread legged over the toilet while Ashley looks on.  (NOTE: Ashley's face has been distored in the clip below to protect her privacy.  The video has no distortion.)



This video is not available on DVD or VHS tape and is only available for download.

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