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Patches 18 - Overalls to Uniforms
This video runs 60 minutes and stars Cassidy, Jennifer, Melissa, Jessica and Saber.


Scene One
Scene 1 starts with Cassidy and Jennifer outdoors next to their car.  Jennifer is wearing denim overalls and has to pee badly.  She shows her desperation very briefly because she really couldn't hold it anymore and pees her overalls near the side of the road while cars are passing by.  Once again Jennifer manages to just pee down her right leg.  Then it's Cassidy's turn to pee her blue jean overalls on her very own and usual way: she rubs her crotch for two seconds and there it goes.


Scene Two
In scene 2, the famous trio of pee buddies is back at it again.  Jennifer is wearing her denim shorts; Melissa has green shorts and Cassidy is wearing blue shorts.  Jennifer is on her exercise bike and the others are watching her.  But peeing while cycling is difficult to do so Melissa pees her shorts first while standing next to the exercise bike.  Jennifer gets too horny from the bike saddle rubbing against her and decides to step off the exercise bike and pees her shorts next to the exercise bike.  Melissa soaks her already wet shorts once again and finally it is Cassidy's turn who is always ready to pee.  She's the only one who managed to do it on the bicycle saddle in extremely tight blue jean shorts.  (She cheated and upzipped them a little.)


Scene Three
Scene 3 starts with Cassidy telling Saber she needs some help watering the plants.  Both girls are wearing just long T-shirts and panties.  Saber first waters a plant by peeing through her pink panties.  Afterwards she is absolutely sure the plant loves her.  Cassidy is wearing light purple panties and waters another plant.


Scene Four
As scene 4 opens, Jennifer is wearing a skirt and Melissa has a short dress on while they sit on the couch.  They talk about people they met at a party and discuss a girl who had wet her dark pants.  Talking about peeing makes them want to wet themselves so they try a new game.  They sit face to face while straddling a coffee table.  They try to "power squirt" through their panties at each other.  They even use their fingers inside their panties to increase the pressure and the hissing sounds.  After the table is soaked, they start splashing pee at each other as they crack up laughing.  That's one pee fight that didn't last long!


Scene Five
In scene 5 Melissa wants to take a bath.  The tub is already filled with warm water and just before Melissa takes off her dark grey jeans, she feels the urge to be naughty and wet her pants just of the pleasure.  She is going to take a bath anyway so why not indulge herself with a little wet fun!  Her soft moans tell you what she is feeling!  When she finishes, she leaves her pants on to soak them in the tub but she removes her top and bra to get ready for her bath (and so you can enjoy her nicely rounded, firm breasts!


Scene Six
As scene 6 begins, Jennifer and Melissa are waiting outside for some friends.  Melissa has to pee badly.  It is a warm, sunny day so she decides to pee in her shorts.  They will probably be dry before their friends arrive.  Melissa pees her tight red shorts while sitting on a cement block and you get to see the pulsing stream gushing through her shorts.  Jennifer stays dry this time.


Scene Seven
Scene 7 starts with Melissa in the stairwell of a building looking for a bathroom.  It is clear she is desperate and she finds all the doors are locked.  So she simply stands on the stairs and pees her tight denim jeans.  It forms a big puddle on the stairs and Melissa decides to leave quickly before someone comes.  Then Jennifer comes up the same stairwell looking for Melissa.  When she sees the puddle on the floor, she is absolutely sure Melissa peed her pants right there and Jennifer decides to do the same in her very tight brown Rockies.


Scene Eight
In scene 8 Jennifer and Melissa are standing in front of a mirror putting on makeup in preparation for going out.  Then Melissa finds Jennifer's new high powered Pocket Rocket vibrator.  She insists that Jennifer demonstrate the vibrator.  Jennifer does but the vibration makes her need to pee so she wets her white shorts while still using the vibrator.  Of course Melissa wants to try this too, and she pees her dark blue shorts while using the vibrator.


Scene Nine
As scene 9 starts, Cassidy, Jessica and Saber are ready to take a bath.  They are only wearing T-shirts and no panties.  Cassidy has to pee really bad and cannot wait.  She steps in the bathtub and immediately starts peeing.  Saber is the next one to stand in the bathtub (which has some water in the borrom) to pee with her legs spread.  Then Jessica does the same.


Scene Ten
In scene 10, Cassidy and Jennifer are outdoors again.  This time they are in a park with lots of people around.  They are both wearing short dresses and pee their panties while sitting on a log.  This scene is a must for the public peeing fans!  Jennifer shows great desperation before she goes.  She is wearing green panties and Cassidy is wearing pale blue cotton panties.


Scene Eleven
Scene 11 opens with Cassidy and Melissa in white army uniforms.  Cassidy is telling about the night before when she was out with Col. Tinkler and they discussed watersports.  Melissa is the first one who needs to pee while listening to Cassidy and she floods her white pants while sitting on the couch.  Whenever Cassidy sees or hears pee she has to go too so she soaks her beige pants.  This is scene for uniform lovers!


Scene Twelve
Scene 12 is a preview of Patches 19.  It is the kitchen counter scene with Jennifer, Cassidy, and Melissa.  There is a RealVideo clip of this scene on the Patches 19 video description page.  What you won't see in the clip is how Jennifer managed to get the cameraman wet.  You will have to get the video to see how she did that!


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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