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Patches 17 - Wet Games
This video runs 60 minutes and stars Cassidy, Jennifer, Jessica, Melissa, and Saber.


Scene One
Scene 1 begins with all 5 girls.  Cassidy trys to think up some new wet game to play and comes up with a game of making waterfalls on the table.  Melissa in her dark red jeans is the first one to flood her pants standing up on the table.  Then it's Jessica's turn to pee her white shorts.  She has to hurry because Melissa still needs to pee some more and rewets her jeans with another deluge!  Saber's green panties are the next victim of a full bladder and then Cassidy wets her green panties too.  Jennifer has just returned from getting a bath and is the last one to flood her grey panties.  She must have wanted a shower too!  This scene runs almost 15 minutes.


Scene Two
Scene 2 finds Jennifer and Melissa in the bathtub after they taking a shower.  They are only wearing white towels wrapped around themselves.  The shower made Jennifer want to pee badly and she soaks the towel as she presses it against her crotch.  Melissa tries to pee but can't.  Maybe she secretly peed while taking her shower.


Scene Three
In scene 3 you see Jennifer in front of a mirror blow-drying her hair.  She wears a T-shirt and white panties and feels her full bladder.  She simply spreads her legs and pees through the white cotton panties on the floor as she continues to style her hair.


Scene Four
Saber, Cassidy, Melissa and Jessica are standing near a lake in scene 4 and decide to make some extra puddles near the waterside.  Melissa soaks her blue jeans sitting on a rock.  Saber pees her white bermuda shorts while squatting down on a rock.  Just then, Cassidy thinks she sees her brother-in-law passing by as she floods her jean shorts as she stands there looking.  Unfortunately Jessica's pee refused to go through the fabric of her brown jeans.


Scene Five
The wet games continue inside in scene 5 as Cassidy, Melissa and Jessica are kneeling on the floor.  With an empty bottom in the middle of them, they begin to play "spin the bottle" and the girl to whom the bottle points has to pee her pants.  Cassidy is the first to flood her tight red jogging pants.  Then it's Melissa's turn to wet her jean shorts and Jessica is the last one to pee her white shorts.


Scene Six
In scene 6 the same three girls have changed into dry clothes and are sitting on the bed thinking of a new wet game.  They decide to play a special version of "hide and seek."  Jessica is the first to look for the others and she finds Cassidy first and has her pee in her beige pants.  Then Cassidy finds Melissa hidden behind the curtains and she pees her purple button fly jeans.  Jessica finally floods her denim jeans while standing in a closet.


Scene Seven
Changed into dresses scene 7 starts with the three girls kneeled down around a coffee table.  They play a wet variant of the card game "three of a kind."  Cassidy doesn't understand the rules and is cheating the others while Melissa is the first one to pee her white panties.  Then Cassidy floods her green panties with a lot of running pee noise.  Jessica is again the last one to soak her green panties.  But it's not over yet.  Like the opening scene, Melissa has to go again.  Her white panties become almost see through when she rewets them sitting on the corner of the coffee table.


Scene Eight
In scene 8 Cassidy and Melissa arrive home after a blind date.  On the way home they had already realized they had to pee badly and now that they are home, they find the door to the bathroom is locked.  An excellent desperation scene follows before Cassidy wets her denim jeans with a dark brown leather front that looks like cowgirl chaps.  This scene proves that leather shows wetness too although it's less noticeable until Melissa pokes at the wet leather to make the wetness show.  Cassidy even pees right in her boots.  Melissa can't hold it either and floods her beige jeans.


Scene Nine
Finally, there is a preview of Patches 18 which shows Cassidy and Melissa in army uniforms.  Cassidy is telling about the night before when she was out with Col. Tinkler and they discussed watersports.  Melissa is the first one who needs to pee while listening to Cassidy and she floods her pants while sitting on the couch.  Whenever Cassidy sees or hears pee she has to go too, so she soaks her pants too.  It's absolutely a scene for army uniform lovers.


Running Time: 60 minutes
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