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Patches 14
Patches 14 features 4 girls.  Scenes include 2 girls peeing together in their panties, 4 girls playing a table game which each one ends up wetting her pants on the floor, the table, or a chair and peeing on a pile of laundry in the kitchen.  One special scene includes 3 girls putting on men's underwear and men's shirts.  It looks like a scene from the movie "Risky Business" and the theme song is even playing in the background.  However, the similarity ends there as the girls put ping pong balls down their underpants to see what it would feel like to be men.  A vibrator is used as a cock through the fly opening and, of course, the girls stand there and pee.  This video also includes a preview of Patches Plus 1 which is a parody on Bill Clinton interviewing new interns for the White House.


This video is not available on DVD or VHS tape and is only available for download.

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