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Patches 10 - Jennifer Visits Melissa
Patches 10 stars Jennifer and Melissa.  Melissa is a petite 22 year old with long light brown hair who weighs 107 pounds.  Jennifer is 23 years old with short auburn hair and weighs a petite 101 pounds.


Scene One
In the first scene, Jennifer is wearing a short black leather skirt and Melissa is wearing a dress.  Both girls have to pee badly and Jennifer talks Melissa into peeing through her panties on the glass table.  Of course Jennifer does the same thing.


Scene Two
In scene 2, both girls are wearing jean shorts and walking through a park on a wooden bridge.  They are both dying for a pee and show some beautiful desperation.  On the middle of the bridge they can't hold it anymore and pee their shorts.  Melissa pees for almost a minute!  They are now worried because they have to walk back through the park with their wet pants.


Scene Three
Scene 3 is one of the most daring scenes so far in our Patches videos.  Both girls are wearing blue jeans and visit a store.  Inside they tell each other they have to pee badly and Jennifer even presses a hand between her legs.  She keeps on doing this as they walk out of the store into the parking lot.  At the moment they reach their car Jennifer can't hold it anymore and completely soaks her denim jeans.  She even fills her boots and you see pee pouring out of the legs of her jeans.  Then Melissa pees her jeans.  During the whole scene people are driving by and at one point, a car temporarily stops behind them although neither the girls nor the cameraman notice it.


Scene Four
Scene 4 shows both girls sitting in the back yard of their house wearing blue dungarees.  They talk about how to remove the weeds from the garden.  The little ones are no problem but a large thistle is.  Jennifer thinks that it will maybe die if she pees on it.  You can guess what happens next.  Melissa also takes a turn too.


Scene Five
Both girls are back inside their house for scene 5.  They discuss a party they had earlier while sitting in front of the fire place.  They didn't take a potty break during the party so now they are bursting.  They talk about the fun they had at the party and then both pee their panties.


Scene Six
In scene 6 they are each wearing dresses and sitting on the sofa talking about what it is like to pee on a guy. They then demonstrate for each other the positions they use for peeing on guys.  There are no guys there but you can pretend that you are!  Watch Melissa pee short squirts in her tiny green panties while her feet are on the sofa and her hands are holding her back off the floor in a difficult position.  Jennifer then pees her blue panties while her feet are on the sofa and her hands are holding her up in a push up position.


Scene Seven
Scene 7 opens with the girls on the same sofa but this time they're wearing jeans.  Jennifer has a pair of blue denims and Melissa has her light brown ones.  They are both reading Wet Set magazine and Jennifer proudly says there will be a picture of her in the next issue showing her peeing her jeans.  They get excited while reading the magazine and they also have to pee badly.  So they decide to just let it go in their jeans.  Watch how Melissa pees her pants in big sparkling spurts for almost a minute.  They show each other their wet stains and discover they are not only wet but also very hot and horny too and they want to call their boyfriends.


Scene Eight
As scene 8 begins, they are in the kitchen talking about the paperwork they have to fill out for their new business deal.  They're both dressed up in lady's suits.  After a little coffee break they continue reading and Jennifer soon announces that this is a very boring business and she also has to pee badly.  However, Melissa says she wants to finish the working on the contract first.  Jennifer agrees but the result is that the camera shows you a nice view from under the table where you can see Jennifer pee her pink panties.  When Jennifer starts laughing, you even get to see the pee spurting through her panties with each laugh.  Melissa thinks that's not a bad idea so she joins in and soaks her orange panties too.


Scene Nine
In scene 9 Jennifer manages to lock Melissa out on an enclosed porch.  This scene is shot with two cameras; one inside and one outside.  Melissa thinks this isn't funny because she's absolutely dying for a pee.  First you see some great desperation while Jennifer is inside laughing at her.  Finally Melissa can't hold it anymore and soaks her blue jeans.  When she gets back inside she became very horny and then tricks Jennifer so she is locked out.  Now it's Jennifer's turn to pee her jeans because she's very desperate too.  Seeing this makes Melissa very horny and you can hear her moaning while having an orgasm is her soaked jeans.


Scene Ten
Jennifer does a solo scene next.  She is taking her bath while having phone sex with a guy.  This makes her very horny but she also has a full bladder.  She wraps a towel around her waist and pees in the bathtub while she's still on the phone.  She tells the guy exactly what she's doing.


Scene Eleven
In scene 11, Jennifer is sitting on her knees on her waterbed wearing only a "I Love Wet Patches" P-Shirt and white panties.  She's playing with herself until she gets an orgasm and then has to pee badly.  She wishes that her boyfriend was there but she just couldn't wait for him.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $40.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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