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Otherworld Productions: Therapee 1
  Otherworld Productions - Therapee 1

  This new title from Otherworld stars Stephany in a new role!  She is peeing in her pants, panties, and in the nude as she and her boyfriend explore the sexual excitement of Stephany wetting herself and peeing in public.  Watch her as she discovers the ecstasy of releasing a desperately full bladder in her pants for the very first time.  Then see her get creatively and seductively wilder as she explores new and unconventional ways to pee!  


Scene One
  Stephany is busy in the kitchen at the stove and she needs to pee but she is not really desperate yet.  Then the phone rings and her girlfriend has called for a chat.  Before too long, Stephany announces that she needs to pee in an effort to get off the phone.  We don't know what her girlfriend said but Stephany tells her that she is not going to pee in her pants and asks if she pees in her pants.  We can only assume that her girlfriend confided that she does pee in her pants and suggests that Stephany try it for her boyfriend.  Unlike so many other videos from other videomakers, Stephany does not get trapped talking on the phone until she has to wet herself.  She is really desperate by the time she hangs up and decides to use that desperate moment as an opportunity to experiment to see what it would be like to wet her pants.  She does!  She likes it!  She discovers it is a total turn on!  When her boyfriend comes home and discovers her all wet, he gets really excited and wants to have his own wet fun.  Instead of just peeing on Stephany, he pees “in” her and soon she is squirting his pee out “enema style” as all of this sets the stage for a new watersports adventure for both of them.  


Scene Two
  In the second scene, Stephany is even more abandoned in her craving to experience more wet pleasures as she climbes up on the kitchen counter and wets her panties in a brazen display of her desire to show her boyfriend how she enjoys the feeling of wetting herself.  When her own pee runs dry, he contributes his pee to make her totally soaked while prolonging her enjoyment of the warm wet pleasure that only pee soaking her clothes can provide.  Stephany flirtingly asks him if she won the wet T-shirt contest!  


Scene Three
  Next, Stephany has been holding her pee all day waiting for her boyfriend to come home.  When he does, he is greeted with something special that Stephany has been planning.  She is all dressed up in a sexy top and a long black skirt with pantyhose underneath.  She sits up on the edge of the kitchen counter to show him how much pleasure it gives her to release a full bladder into her fancy clothes.  You can tell from the look on Stephany's face that the feeling is intense!  Her boyfriend adds to Stephany's wetness and then Stephany asks for a taste!  We can only wonder what happened next but it is a good bet that they didn't get out of the kitchen for a long time!  


Scene Four
  In this scene, Stephany has been holding her pee again just so she can show her boyfriend how much she likes wetting her pants.  Her pleasure is as obvious as the wet patch on her pants and the big yellow puddle on the floor.  She has also come to love the golden showers her boyfriend gives her and asks him if he would like to pee on her.  She likes to get as wet as possible!  As she sits on the floor in the puddle she has just made, he drenches her with his own pee as she purrs like a kitten with excited contentment.  


Scene Five
  Stephany is in tight blue jeans in an underground garage and desperate to pee.  She is starting to get bolder as she moves from the safety of her home to this semi-public area.  You can hear her gasp and she releases her pee and feels it run in her panties and pants as it swirls around her pussy and bathes her clit before running down the inside of her pant legs.  She relishes the feeling as she shows off her wet butt and the dripping wet denim right down to her pant cuffs.  


Scene Six
  Encouraged by the excitement of possibly being seen peeing in her semi-public adventure, Stephany now moves outdoors with a full bladder in anticipation of more daring adventures and the possibility of being seen as she intentionally pees and wets herself.  What follows is a series of short outdoor scenes with no shortage of pee!  You will see her wetting her panties while climbing in a barn's rafters, stopping by the side of roads while driving when she literally can't hold it any more and having a secluded pee in the woods on a dreamy afternoon.  During one part of her road trip, she almost gets in a car accident she has to pee so bad!  Normally we would think of this as an “outtake” that would be edited out of a video but not Stephany!  She and her boyfriend are having too much fun with every new adventure of peeing in public that even this material makes it into the video!  At one point Stephany has to pee so bad that she can't even wait for her boyfriend to get the camcorder ready to shoot the scene and when she starts peeing, she can't stop!  Move over reality TV!  We now have reality PEE!  


Scene Seven
  We now come full circle and are back indoors for a series of short scenes.  Back indoors does not mean back where we started!  Stephany wants to show her boyfriend (and all of us) where all that pee comes from.  With the camcorder pointed straight up at a covered and uncovered pussy, you get to see each flood as it starts and stops plus the full force of the driving rain!  You can tell Stephany is definitely enjoying her new found freedom to pee anywhere and everywhere!  She has grown from the place of privately wetting herself for the first time to proudly showing everyone how much she enjoys wetting herself and peeing for the camera.  The final scene in this series shows Stephany peeing nude on a big dildo.  She and her boyfriend probably don't realize it yet but this may well be a prediction of what will be coming in Therapee 2 — her peeing on her boyfriend's cock!  Imagine what will happen when they discover wet sex together!  


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
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