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Otherworld Productions Nightstalker 2.5
  Otherworld Productions - Nightstalker 2.5

Starring Stephany in a different type of watersports video.  You will find bondage!  You will see submission and servitude!  You will experience a unique video style with colored lighting, unusual camera angles, and unbridled sexuality!



Scene One
  The video opens with black and white footage of Stephany undressing as if you are a peeping tom looking through a bedroom door that is slightly ajar.  Then Stephany is captured and bound, made to drink pee through a funnel and tube, and submissively gives a blow job to the mysterous intruder.  


Scene Two
  In the second scene, Stephany is bound and gagged.  She is laying in a lounge chair next to a pool.  She gets treated to a golden shower and is then ungagged so she can give a blow job to the person who has taken her captive!  


Scene Three
  Next, Stephany has a black dildo inserted as she lays on the lounge chair.  She gets herself off while grinding on the dildo while still bound.  You get to see the juices running from her wet pussy!  She submissively swallows pees from a tube and then is allowed to get into the pool where she drinks more pee as it comes to her from the source through a funnel and tube.  She also gets a golden shower while floating in the pool.  


Scene Four
  In scene 4, we find Stephany bound again.  Her intruder inserts a butt plug and then a dildo as Stephany willingly accepts the sexual penetration.  An electric drill is attached to the dildo and Stephany sucks on it while running at high speed.  Then the dildo with the drill attached is inserted again into her pussy and run at high speed to provide stimulation until she can't stand it anymore.  What a way to receive the discipline given to her!  


Scene Five
  Scene 5 shows Stephany under a step ladder as she willingly drinks more golden pee from her stalker through a funnel and tube.  After sucking the dick of her intruder, she is treated to a bukkake facial and then drinks a mixture of his pee and cum from a champagne glass.  


Scene Six
  The video ends with another round of pee drinking and sucking the dick of the one who has dominated her.  After she finishes, you get to see the smile on Stephany's face showing her delight with the Nightstalker and all the sexual pleasure he gave her.  


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $40.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
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