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Pee Finale From Roxy
With the latest Naughtypee release, we bid farewell to Roxy, who has “retired” from modeling.  She was a pleasure to work with and I know that she was a great favorite of many viewers and so I am sure that we all wish her well for the future.  The movie is consists of 5 chapters and runs for 1 hour 18 minutes.


Scene One
Roxy has arrived at the still chilly Lake Balaton area and wastes no time in posing and finally peeing by a closed cafe.  Next, we have a sexy outfit change and then a great posing and peeing scene on the lakefront.


Scene Two
Roxy moves to a quiet town street and a lot of teasing is rounded off by a huge gushing pee in a doorway.  The sun comes out and Roxy takes the opportunity to pose and then pee in a small park, whilst people pass by.  Finally she takes a standing pee.


Scene Three
Another section of the park offers a lot of nice posing and a super pee.  Another nice changing outfit scene, this time into a white skirt and top and then Roxy moves to a picnic bench near to the station for some teasing and an outstanding pee scene.


Scene Four
Roxy gets even closer to the railway and teases whilst actually walking on the track and then absolutely floods the pedestrian crossing with pee.  It seems that she is never going to stop peeing.  For her next scene Roxy changes her preference from rail to road and indulges in some teasing in a bus shelter as the traffic drive past only a few feet away.  The cold weather must be having an effect on Roxy as a marathon pee follows.  Every time it looks as if she has finished, she starts again and the floor of the little shelter is absolutely drenched with pee


Scene Five
It’s late afternoon and the temperature has dropped when we join Roxy on another park bench, or picnic table to be more accurate and witness yet another seemingly never ending pee.  Finally, we bid a chilly farewell to Roxy as she takes a desperate pee in a rather forlorn shopping street.


Running Time: 78 minutes
Available on DVD for $50.00
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