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Playday With Roxy
We are delighted to introduce the third title in the Naughty Pee series, Playday With Roxy, again featuring Roxy.  Filmed in pleasant autumn weather, around the beautiful Lake Balaton area of Hungary, this movie is themed more as series of shoots, with background footage of Roxy changing outfits etc.  For anyone who has wondered what a day out filming with a model is like, this movie lets you look behind the scenes.  The movie is divided into 11 scenes plus a Bonus scene at the end, which features Roxy playing and posing on the swings.  There is no peeing in the bonus scene.  Filmed using professional High Definition equipment, all footage is 100% new and exclusive to Naughty Pee.  The language spoken in these scenes is Hungarian.


Scene One
Roxy has just arrived at Lake Balaton and is sharing the scene with a group of swans, gathered near the water's edge.  Roxy is desperate for a pee and so slips down her jeans and panties and takes a long pee by the edge of the water.


Scene Two
The scene opens with Roxy changing into a short skirt and sandals, managing to bang her head on the car roof in the process.  Roxy makes her way to a wooden lakeside building and after briefly posing, takes a much-needed pee on the concrete path.


Scene Three
Roxy is changing her panties this time and seems a little accident-prone today as she catches her heel and falls backwards on to the car seat.  Roxy finishes dressing and makes her way to a restaurant & cocktail bar on the lakefront, beckoning the camera to follow her.  The bar is closed and so Roxy cannot have a cocktail but she does pause to take a pee, whilst seated on one of the benches and then pose for some close-up shots.


Scene Four
Roxy returns to the lakeside and finds on old bench to sit upon.  She relaxes in the warmth of the sun and plays with herself on the bench.  This makes her want to pee and she releases her pee in a series of hard jets, whilst continuing to enjoy playing with herself.


Scene Five
We find Roxy on a pathway high above the lake.  She stops and leans over the fence, admiring the view over the lake.  Roxy climbs up on the fence, plays with herself a little and then takes a forceful pee on to the path below.


Scene Six
We catch up with Roxy, who is sitting on a bench, about to take off her top and bra and change into another top.  After changing, Roxy relaxes and sips on her iced tea before starting to play with herself.  She is just about to release a jet of pee when an unexpected visitor appears, in the form of a cute black cat.  Roxy diverts her attention for a few moments to pet the cat, before returning to playing with her pussy, posing and peeing.


Scene Seven
We find Roxy strolling into the grounds of her friend's lakeside holiday villa.  She makes for a garden chair, sits down and relaxes in the sun, before playing with her pussy and then peeing.  She takes off her top, continues playing with her pussy and peeing on the ground.


Scene Eight
Still in the garden of the villa, Roxy decides to pee again and this time bends over and pees a steady stream on to the ground, presenting a dream view for those lovers of close up rear view peeing.


Scene Nine
Back on the path above the lake, Roxy decides to climb up on to the fence.  She removes her panties and climbs up on top of the fence before taking a leisurely pee, which runs down the fence, soaking the slats.


Scene Ten
Roxy is playing around on the railway tracks by a small station, perhaps not the safest location.  She poses and teases for a while before peeing in the middle of the platform.


Scene Eleven
We find Roxy standing in the sun by a village street.  She indulges in some naughty posing before peeing in the middle of the road.  In our bonus scene, we find Roxy playing on the swings by the lake and then moving on to a bench, where she poses provocatively and plays with her pussy.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD for $50.00
DVDs are available in both PAL and NTSC
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