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Tease & Pee With Roxy
The movie consists of six scenes and is themed around Roxy’s visits to various exhibitions and museums around Budapest.  Roxy indulges in lots of sexy posing and some very naughty public peeing, in very inappropriate places.  Despite the weather being bad from time to time, Roxy never loses her sense of fun and you can see how much she enjoys naughty showing off and peeing in public.

Filmed entirely on professional HD equipment, all scenes from this movie are 100% original and exclusive to Naughty Pee.  The language spoken in these scenes is Hungarian.


Scene One
It is a warm autumn day when Roxy visits a museum of military hardware and the curator takes great interest in Roxy and decides to give her a personal guided tour.  Roxy teases him by climbing up and down on the tanks and heavy equipment, which only encourages him to be even more helpful, especially after she removes her panties.  Roxy indulges in even more daring exhibitionism whenever his back is turned and even takes a huge gushing pee on the grass, whilst he is out of sight for a moment.


Scene Two
We find Roxy in a small village square, on damp, overcast day.  She indulges in some daring exhibitionism, including taking a couple of pees in the middle of the square.


Scene Three
The sun has come out and Roxy is visiting a display of modern sculpture, situated on a grassy area by busy main roads.  Roxy indulges in some exhibitionism before taking a large pee in the middle of one of the small roads.


Scene Four
Roxy arrives at the museum containing all the statues and relics of the communist years.  She has barely started walking around the museum when a torrential downpour starts.  This dampens Roxy’s spirits but does not stop her having some fun, flashing in the covered areas until the rain subsides and finally taking a much-needed pee by the exhibitions.


Scene Five
Roxy arrives at a very impressive preserved railway museum.  She is desperate when she arrives and does not waste much time in squatting down by a giant locomotive and taking a forceful pee.  She is almost caught in the act by some other visitors and had to pull her skirt down very quickly, leaving her with damp panties and wet legs.  It is not long before she is desperate to pee again and she takes cover by another locomotive and really soaks the gravel with pee.  Relieved and happy, Roxy enjoys herself, climbing up and down on the huge exhibits not to mention exhibiting her own ample charms at every opportunity.  She takes a very daring pee whilst seated on a crane wagon before removing her panties and climbing up and down more exhibits.  Finally, before leaving the museum, she pees on the platform of a wagon and sends a huge arc of pee out into the open yard, despite there being groups of people only a few yards away.


Scene Six
Roxy’s final visit is to a museum of village life.  She braves the slightly chill air to show off her assets as she walks round the exhibits.  Roxy stops for a seat on the porch of a building and then pees against the support before leaving, finishing just as a family group arrives.  When a heavy shower of rain begins, Roxy takes shelter in a hay barn and amuses herself by an ancient baling machine before taking a very impressive pee on the floor, leaving the floor as wet as the ground outside.  Roxy takes a break from the weather by relaxing in an indoor exhibition area.  Roxy is not wearing panties and adopts rather revealing sitting positions as she tries out a stool and a couch.  Roxy finally heads indoors and climbs aboard horse-drawn carriage.  She reclines and poses on the padded seat and then pees on the floor of the carriage.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD for $50.00
DVDs are available in both PAL and NTSC
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