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Northstar Productions — Accidents Will Happen
Female Desperation and Bondage — two subjects that are meant to go together!  You know that when girls are bound long enough and can't get to a bathroom, they are going to become so desperate they wet themselves!  Northstar Productions points the way to the best in bondage and desperation themes where girls end up with bursting bladders!

Unlike previous titles from Northstar, there is no storyline.  What you get is non-stop peeing with 34 scenes from 8 different girls in 63 minutes!  This is compilation of just the wetting scenes from many different clips that Northstar sells on their website.  “Accidents Will Happen” is exclusively sold through Patche’s Place and distributed by Patche’s Place and Wet Set.  There is so much wet material in this video that we had a hard time deciding what to show you in our video description.  Below is just a small sample of the content.


Accidents Will Happen
leaking in panties
panty wetting
short skirt desperation
pantyhose wetting
look of desperation
bondage desperation
peeing while tied in a chair
squat peeing in panties
peeing on a carpet
panty pissing
peeing in a toilet
pissing her pantyhose
pantyhose crotch peeing
bound and desperate
kneeling while wetting panties
peeing for relief
pee streaming down her legs
pissing in a bathing suit
peeing jeans while squating
pissing in a field
desperate to pee
wetting shorts
losing desperation game
peeing her jeans
wetting her panties
pissing her pantyhose
peeing in her jeans
pissy pants
bound and gagged
pushing on her bladder
peeing while tied up
wetting the floor
peeing while driving
locked out and peeing
piss running down her legs
peeing pleasure
peed panties
peeing on a porch
lifting her dress
pee running down her legs
bad girl look
bondage desperation
look of desperation
pants wetting outdoors
peeing in pants outside
tied up and desperate
bound and peeing
panty pissing
deliberate wetting
intentional peeing
naughty girl
This title has something for everyone — wet panties, wet shorts, wet jeans, wet pantyhose, peeing outside, peeing on decks, peeing on carpets, peeing on furniture, peeing on floors, and even peeing in the toilet!  The girls pee standing, sitting, squatting, from under their dresses and skirts as well as through all their clothes!  Sometimes they are bound with ropes or chains until they become so desperate they have an accident!  Sometimes they play “hold it” games until they lose control!  Sometimes they just wet themselves because they like to tease and they like the feeling of wetting themselves with a very full bladder!  A couple of times they tinkle in the toilet (either through their panties or without them) after wetting their clothes and you will marvel at how full their bladder must have been and how they could hold that much pee!

The girls featured in this title are Christina, Danielle, Nichole, Kelsey, Beverley, Kira, Alexa, and Alex.  Since there is such a tight focus on just the wetting portion of scenes, we think of this compilation as “desperation without the wait” since you don't see much of a girl’s frantic attempt to keep from wetting herself!  If you like the content of similar video producers like Patches, Flashflood (no longer available), Debbie Ashton, Hope & Spirit, Skymouse, Koukouvayia, and I Need 2 Pee, then you will love this release from Northstar!

Download the Accidents Will Happen Trailer (6.4 Meg in Quicktime format).


Running Time: 63 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in both NTSC and PAL format.
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