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Koukouvayia Peedevil Volume Nine
  Peedevil 9 features Starr pissing on carpets, wetting her skirt and panties, peeing naked, getting desperate and getting herself off as she is turned on by the need to pee!  All scenes are offered with a second view of the action from a low, floor level angle so you get an "instant replay" of all the action!  


Scene One
  The first scene opens with Starr enjoying a little wet panty action on her stairway.  She especially enjoys doing little pee squirts in her panties one after the other so she can feel the warmth as the pee surges into her panties and sometimes trickles down her leg.  


Scene Two
  In the second scene Starr shows she is a real ‘pee devil’ by being very, very naughty!  When she needs to pee really bad, she pulls down her panties and pees on the carpet with a devilish smile on her face!  


Scene Three
  Scene three begins with Starr demonstrating her technique for peeing in public without getting caught!  She stands in the middle of the road and without lift her skirt or squating down, she simply lets her pee flow through her panties and makes a puddle between her legs.  She has mastered the 3 R’s of release, relief, and repeat while enjoying her sneaky wet pleasure!  


Scene Four
  As scene four begins, Starr is desperate to pee!  If she is not allowed to use the bathroom, then the cameraman is going to get a golden shower!  Not only does the cameraman get a golden shower but so does the camera!  You get to see it all as if you were there!  


Scene Five
  In scene five, Starr wets her panties under a schoolgirl skirt and then inspects the wet patch on her panties.  


Scene Six
  As scene six begins, Starr is standing completed naked on her back patio.  Without even a rain dance or a pee dance, she stands there creating a flood!  When she finishes, she is so delighted with herself over her outrageous behavior, that she jumps up and down for joy before going into the house.  


Scene Seven
  Scene seven gives us an insight into how Starr prefers to play with herself as she sits on a ledge overlooking her stairway and pees both nude and through her panties as she pleasures herself.  


Scene Eight
  In scene eight Starr is locked in her bedroom and is forced to pee on her carpet.  Judging from the impish look on her face, you get the feeling that she enjoyed her predicament!  


Scene Nine
  Scene nine shows Starr in another nude peeing scene as she stands in a corner and pees on the carpet in deliberate squirts in every direction.  She obviously enjoys being so naughty!  


Scene Ten
  In scene ten Starr is locked out of the bathroom by Selene who is camping in there.  Starr pleads with Selene to let her in but Selene just asks her repeatedly to wait a few minutes.  Starr threatens to pee on the carpet and when Selene still does not let her in, that is exactly what she does!  


Scene Eleven
  Starr is in another naughty mood again in scene eleven.  She sits overlooking the stairs while nonchalantly eating some snack food.  She sprays the stairs with pee while she continues to snack and she is obviously content and enjoying both activities!  


Scene Twelve
  In scene twelve Starr gets very serious about combining her peeing with her sexual gratification.  Sensing the sexual arousal that comes from having a full bladder, she gets out of bed and plays with herself and her favorite toy!  Not only does she give in to her sexual urges, but she indulges her full bladder with short bursts of pee on the carpet.  


Scene Thirteen
  The last scene is a short one but still just as naughty as earlier scenes.  Starr stands at a door wearing only a top and pees on the carpet.  She slowly turns at the very end and flashes that devilish grim showing how proud she is of her free spirit and intentional badness!  


Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Available on DVD
The DVD is $50.00 and is available in NTSC and PAL format.
This video is also available for download.
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