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Koukouvayia Peedevil Volume Seven
  Peedevil 7 features Morrigan and Cherry.  This video offers 65 minutes of peeing on the floor, on a mirror, in a glass, on each other, on a teddy bear, outdoors, nude, and through their clothes.  All scenes are offered with a second view of the action from a low, floor level angle so you get an “instant replay” of all the action!  


Scene One
  The first scene opens with Morrigan standing in the kitchen in front of an electric space heater that is glowing bright red.  She is wearing a black lacy teddy with no panties.  She sprays a noisy stream right onto the kitchen floor.  You have to wonder what would happen if her pee hit the electric space heater!  Fortunately, she never hits it and the sparks never fly!  


Scene Two
  In the second scene, Morrigan is sitting at the dining room table and Cherry enters the room with an Easter present for Morrigan.  It is a stuffed “ducky-wucky!” Morrigan hates it and decides the only thing she can do with it is burn it or piss on it.  She decides to piss on it.  When Cherry sees what Morrigan does with her present, she begins to cry but Morrigan is unrelenting in her disgust for the fluffy duck.  Cherry decides on some revenge by peeing on the Easter egg that Morrigan gave her.  


Scene Three
  Scene three starts with the girls stopping their car on a country road.  They both have to pee but Morrigan locks the car doors while she has an argument with Cherry over boots she accuses her of destroying.  When Cherry threatens to piss on Morrigan's car seat, Morrigan tells her to get out.  Cherry pees first by standing along the road next to a fence.  Morrigan pees next by squatting next to the fence.  As she pees, a car drives by!  You have to wonder what they saw!  


Scene Four
  As scene four begins, Morrigan is in the hallway outside a locked bathroom door.  Patience was never one of Morrigan's virtues and she promptly decides to pee on the carpet if she can't get in the bathroom.  You can tell she obvious enjoys her naughty act as she smiles with the feelings of pleasure and relief.  


Scene Five
  Scene 5 provides a golden shower scene as Morrigan wrestles Cherry to the floor and sits on her.  They were arguing over what each of them did to the other's Easter present in scene 2.  Morrigan convinces Cherry to close her eyes long enough for Morrigan to remove her pants and sit on her again.  Then she starts to piss all over Cherry's tits!  Cherry enjoys her warm, golden shower and gets turned on.  


Scene Six
  Next, Morrigan is telling Cherry she is going to make a video of her peeing and sell it on the Internet.  Cherry does not react but simply pees all over the carpet.  


Scene Seven
  In scene seven, Morrigan hikes up her dress and pees noisily in a glass.  Then she pours it out onto the carpet before going upstairs.  


Scene Eight
  As scene eight begins, Morrigan is standing in front of a mirror playing with herself.  After getting herself sufficiently aroused, she pees a gushing stream onto the mirror as she watches herself.  From the sounds she makes, you would think she was having an orgasm!  She continues to masturbate and moans with each additional spurt of pee she shoots onto the mirror.  What a way to get off!  


Scene Nine
  Scene 9 begins with Cherry laying on a couch hugging her teddy bear.  Morrigan arrives and lets herself in expecting Cherry to be ready to go out to a club.  Cherry talks Morrigan into watching a porno video with her.  Morrigan reacts to Cherry's teddy bear and they wrestle over the teddy bear until Cherry throws it aside.  Then they begin to get turned on by watching the porno and soon they are rubbing themselves and each other.  Morrigan is moved enough by the peeing in the video to get up and piss herself so Cherry can watch.  After making a puddle on the carpet, Morrigan and Cherry begin making out of the couch and you will be treated to some good, old-fashioned lesbian sex.  The scene ends with Cherry getting up and peeing on the carpet while standing as Morrigan watches her.  


Scene Ten
  In scene 10, Morrigan pees through her lacy panties all over the carpet just to have some naughty wet fun.  She pees for a very long time.  


Scene Eleven
  As scene 11 begins, Morrigan is sitting on the couch watching TV.  She has to pee and something she sees on TV gives her an idea!  She puts a candle on the floor, stands over it, and pees through her panties after lifting her dress!  She puts the candle out immediately.  


Scene Twelve
  The last scene begins with Morrigan crouching down behind an open stairway.  As she begins peeing a gushing stream, Cherry comes down the stairs and demands to know what Morrigan is doing!  Morrigan continues peeing as she laughs and says she couldn't help it!  Morrigan then suggests that Cherry could do it too!  But Cherry starts to cry as she worries about who is going to clean up the mess in her home.  


Running Time: 65 minutes
Available on DVD
The DVD is $50.00 and is available in NTSC and PAL format.
This video is also available for download.
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