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Koukouvayia Peedevil Volume Three
  Peedevil 3 continues the series from Koukouvayia Films.  The video runs 60 minutes and features Tiffany and Natalie in their second series of sexy wet scenes!  The video contains indoor and outdoor scenes as well as a few bloopers at the very end.  All scenes are offered with a second view of the action from a low, floor level angle so you get an "instant replay" of all the wet pants, panties and nude peeing.  Watch Natalie and Tiffany in their latest capers as they continue to be just as dirty and naughty as they can be while peeing just for you!  


Scene One
  The first scene opens with Natalie sitting at a wooden table.  You have a view looking straight at her both above and under the table.  She is not bashful about opening her legs so you can look upskirt at her panties.  Nor is she bashful about peeing straight through her panties and onto the carpet when the urge strikes.  


Scene Two
  The second scene features Tiffany wearing a tennis uniform.  She is standing outside near a garden wall.  She starts to pee and gets the front of her dress wet so she raises it up to give a view of her pee rushing through her panties and onto the grass.  Some of the pee ran down her leg and into her sneakers so she takes one sneaker off and empties it out with a proud smile on her face.  


Scene Three
  Scene three shows Natalie behind her house on the patio dressed in a tank top, white sweater, and tight jeans.  She is desperate and holding her pee as long as she can.  Finally in a moment of pleasuring relief, she lets it flow and watches both legs get soaked in the back and front.  It is amazing how much pee this girl can hold!  


Scene Four
  As scene four begins, Tiffany is sitting at her computer playing Solitaire.  She is wearing a red dress and white panties.  She gets annoyed when Natalie wants to take over her game.  She is desperate to pee so as Natalie starts playing Solitaire, Tiffany grabs her panties trying to hold on but it is too late and the pee gushes through her panties, her fingers, and onto the carpet.  Natalie decides she needs to pee too but to spare the carpet from being soaked any more than it already is, she puts a magazine on the carpet to pee on.  The magazine is The Radio Times with Nigella Lawson on the cover.  Both British and American viewers may recognize Nigella for her Nigella Bites program and cooking advice.  Since Nigella is thought of as a sex goddess, many guys would love to see Natalie peeing on Nigella Lawson!  


Scene Five
  Scene five starts with Tiffany running into the house just as the phone is ringing.  She is wearing a front-zip sweater and tight blue jeans.  She is desperate to pee and no matter how she tries to excuse herself, the person on the other end won’t let her get off the phone.  She squints and squirms as the pressure mounts.  Finally it is too late and the pee flows out of her like a flood as she is seated on her fireplace stoop.  As the puddle grows on the carpet at her feet, Tiffany relaxes knowing it is too late to try to get to the bathroom.  After she gets off the phone, she pulls down her pants to inspect her purple panties and how wet she is.  


Scene Six
  In scene six, Natalie is standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes.  She is wearing a red top and a short denim skirt.  She is singing to herself and enjoying the growing urges from her bladder reminding her that she will need to pee soon.  As she finishes the dishes, she continues to sing, happy as a lark, and begins to pee through her panties as she makes a large puddle on the floor.  The warm feeling of release is exhilarating and she does a little jig over the puddle before inspecting how wet her panties are.  


Scene Seven
  The seventh scene opens with Tiffany sitting on the toilet seat in the bathroom.  Natalie barges into the bathroom desperate to pee but Tiffany won’t get off the toilet seat.  They are both dressed in schoolgirl uniforms and acting like a couple of silly schoolgirls.  Natalie says she will pee on the floor and Tiffany dares her.  Natalie pulls her panties down, squats, and pees on the floor.  After she pees, she starts to play with herself while Tiffany looks on.  Tiffany can’t believe what a dirty, naughty girl Natalie is.  When Natalie finishes getting off, she dares Tiffany to pee on the floor too.  Tiffany stands and pees through her panties as Natalie watches her.  


Scene Eight
  In the eighth scene, Tiffany is lying on the floor completely nude.  She is looking at pictures in DVD Blue magazine and playing with herself.  After she gets off, she squats over the carpet and pees on it.  


Scene Nine
  Natalie is up to her naughty tricks in scene nine as she sits on the carpeted steps in her house.  She is wearing a white blouse, denim skirt, and black panties.  She pulls up her skirt, pulls aside her panties and begins to pee on her steps.  The close ups of her naked pussy reveal she is a true blond despite the fact that she is shaven!  


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The DVD is $50.00 and is available in NTSC and PAL format.
This video is also available for download.
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