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Koukouvayia Peedevil Volume Twelve
  Peedevil 12 features Ewa, Jasmine de Launey and Selene Rivers pissing on carpets, peeing outdoors, having an orgasm, and even pissing in a phone booth!  Twelve scenes are offered with most of them giving second view of the action from a low angle so you get an "instant replay" of with close up details!  


Scene One
  The first scene opens with Ewa desperate outside a locked bathroom door.  She pulls down her red panties and pisses on the carpet.  She keeps going and going so there is no doubt about how desperate she was!  


Scene Two
  In the second scene Selene pulls down her jeans and pees on the road.  Watch her river of pee traveling down the road and you will see how desperate she was!  


Scene Three
  Scene three begins with Jasmine walking by a lake.  With a devilish gleam in her eye, she squats and waters the banks of the lake with her own pee stream.  What a treat to see a close up view of all the action!  


Scene Four
  In this scene Selene is smartly dressed in a PVC outfit.  She pulls her pants and panties down but does not bother using the toilet even though she is in the bathroom.  She sits on the side of the tub and pees on the carpet.  


Scene Five
  In scene five, Jasmine exits her car in a field and pees to relieve her desperate condition.  


Scene Six
  In this scene, Ewa is standing in a phone booth and about to be very naughty!  With one leg raised, she pees all over the phone booth in a very long and daring piss!  


Scene Seven
  In scene seven, Jasmine arrives by car to a scenic spot to sunbath.  After spreading her blanket and laying down, she realizes she needs to pee.  She finds a spot under a tree next to the riverside to release the pressure so the rest of her time in the sun will be relaxing.  


Scene Eight
  In scene eight, Selene is resting in bed but senses some very horny urges.  She begins playing with herself until she climaxes in a powerful orgasm.  Now she needs to pee so she gives in to more naughty urges and pees on the carpet next to the bed.  


Scene Nine
  Jasmine is out for another walk to enjoy nature in scene nine and when she has to pee, she decides to stand up and pee into a track left by a tractor.  She does enjoy her outdoor walks!  


Scene Ten
  In scene ten, Selene has another one of her carpet pissing urges.  She pulls down her pants and panties right outside the bathroom door and pees all over the carpet.  


Scene Eleven
  Jasmine is overcome by the sounds of a babbling brook in scene eleven.  She feels the twinges of desperation so she squats down and adds her own water to the stream running past her.  


Scene Twelve
  In this last scene, Ewa squats down by the side of the road after pulling down her panties and pees all over the dirt road!  She either needed to pee badly or else she was being thoughtful and wanted to keep the dust from the road to a minimum for the next car that came through.  


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The DVD is $50.00 and is available in NTSC and PAL format.
This video is also available for download.
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