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Koukouvayia: Pee Devil One
  Peedevil 1 is the first in a series of videos from a new videomaker, Koukouvayia Films.  The video runs 60 minutes and features Candice Paris.  All scenes are offered with a second view of the action from a low, floor level angle so you get an "instant replay" of Candice wetting her clothes and peeing nude.  Candice has such a sexy body and displays such flirtatious naughtiness that you will want to watch her over and over again from every possible angle as she makes her puddles just for you.  


Scene One
  The first scene begins with Candice sleeping in bed wearing just her panties.  She awakens as she wets her panties and the bed!  Aroused by the warm sensual feelings of her wet panties, she begins to play with herself as she enjoys additional deliberate spurts of pee gushing through her panties.  She even pulls her panties aside so she can increase the size of the wet area on her bed sheet as she empties her bladder in a final act of naughtiness.  


Scene Two
  The second scene begins with Candice in a tight sexy top and short miniskirt.  Just inside the door of her house, she decides to enjoy some wet fun as she starts to wet her panties and make some wet stains on her carpet.  Soon the panties are removed and she squats to make a large wet puddle on her carpet.  


Scene Three
  The third scene takes place on the patio just outside her house.  She is wearing a short dress that is cut low in the front to show lots of cleavage.  Soon she is starting to make a puddle between her legs as she stands there and begins to wet her panties.  It definitely turns her on because she is soon pressing her hand through her dress against her wet panties as she continues to pee in short little drizzles.  She shows you all her wetting action with views from the front, the back, upskirt, and squatting.  You will get turned on as you watch her get turned on by the variety of wetting pleasures she enjoys.  


Scene Four
  In scene four, you will be treated to another episode of Candice wetting her panties while wearing a short denim skirt and pink panties.  The upskirt angles insure that you will not miss a single wet drop as the pee rushes through her panties.  


Scene Five
  The fifth scene starts with Candice completely nude sitting on her bed.  She is determined to be as naughty as possible as she begins peeing in short spurting streams on her carpet.  You get to see her close up in both a sitting and standing position as the act of peeing stimulates her sexual feelings.  


Scene Six
  In the sixth scene, Candice uses a mirror to watch herself as she begins to wet her panties and make a puddle on the carpet below her.  Her wet panties become almost transparent but you won't have to strain to see her pee stream because she soon removes her panties and squats to make an even bigger puddle on the carpet.  Peeing is definitely a sexual experience for Candice.  The way she plays with herself while peeing leaves no doubt that this is a major turn on for her.  


Scene Seven
  In the last scene, Candice is sitting in front of her computer wearing jeans.  It is too much trouble and way too much fun to bother to get up to use the bathroom so Candice decides to enjoy the warm wetness of peeing in her pants.  After making a puddle on the floor while peeing through her pants, she stands and drops her pants to her knees as she continues to pee through her panties into her pants.  She plays with herself and lets the pee run through her fingers before pulling her pants back up so she can feel the warm wet pee pressing against her legs and her pussy.  


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The DVD is $50.00 and is available in NTSC and PAL format.
This video is also available for download.
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