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In Jorana 9, Cindy and Jorana discover they have a mutual love of pee.  Six of the hottest non-stop scenes of pants wetting, girl sex, golden showers scenes ever, plus the type of hot sexy talk from the girls that you all love.


Scene One
Cindy and Jorana are in their tight jeans, and desperate.  First Cindy wets her jeans, and you get to hear her moans of pleasure.  Jorana pulls Cindy’s wet jeans down, and soon Cindy is releasing more pee through her panties as Jorana spreads open Cindy's sexy ass.  Then, it’s Jorana’s turn to pee in her jeans, and as she does, Cindy puts her hand on Jorana’s pussy to feel the wetness and add to Jorana’s pleasure.


Scene Two
The girls are turned on as they finish their shower, and they have to pee again, so they decide to take turns peeing on each other in bed.  Cindy sits on Jorana’s leg and releases a couple of squirts, then squats over Jorana and pees on her belly and pussy in short spurts as Jorana masturbates.  Soon, Jorana is squirting pee from her pussy, and she gets on top.  She pees on Cindy, and they become so turned on that they begin rubbing each other’s pussies and taking turns peeing while being masturbated.


Scene Three
Jorana is naked on the bed rubbing her pussy, and remembering how much she loves getting peed on, and wishes it could happen again.  Cindy comes to her bedside, squats over Jorana, and pees on her.  Soon, Jorana is rubbing her own pussy and Cindy’s pussy as Cindy makes her stream start and stop and last seemingly forever.  Then, Jorana returns the favor by getting over Cindy and emptying her bladder for her friend’s pleasure.


Scene Four
The girls are naked and desperate.  They decide to try holding each other’s pussies to see if it feels good.  Of course it does, and before long, they want to give each other more golden love.  Cindy lies face down on the bed and Jorana pees on her ass and back.  This turns Cindy on so much that she tells Jorana to pee in her hair, and Jorana gladly complies.  Cindy is so desperate and turned on that she can't hold her pee, that we see her lose two little streams of pee before we watch front and rear views of her on top of Jorana peeing all over her hair, back, and ass.  This turns them both on and the scene ends after Cindy rubs and licks Jorana’s pussy.


Scene Five
The girls have made diapers out of bath towels, and Cindy is desperate to pee.  She stands over Jorana and wets her diaper, then takes it off and pees naked all over Jorana.  Jorana licks Cindy’s pussy clean as Cindy sucks her thumb like a little girl.  Then Jorana gets up and pees in her diaper before removing it and showering Cindy with the rest of her pee.  Then, as Cindy lays on her stomach, Jorana sits on her and grinds her pussy against Cindy’s ass before she licks her pussy.


Scene Six
Cindy stands over Jorana wearing a pair of pink panties.  Jorana plays with Cindy’s pussy through her panties, which makes Cindy have to pee.  She begins to pee through her panties, and Jorana puts her face up against Cindy’s peeing pussy and laps up her piss right through her panties.  Then, the panties come off, and Cindy puts Jorana’s head between her legs and pees all over her hair.  Then, Jorana licks Cindy’s clit and laps up more pee as Cindy empties herself.  Then, Cindy gets between Jorana’s legs and Jorana pees through her panties all over Cindy’s hair, and the girls are turned on and masturbate together.


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