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Introducing Hayley, the classic girl next door. Hayley is slim and beautiful, and takes you on a delightful romp in 12 sexy scenes.  She talks to you throughout, tells you how turned on she gets by releasing herself, and in 3 scenes pretends you are her daddy and begs you to let her pee on you!


Scene One
Hayley is home alone after her company leaves, and tells you she wants to fulfill her fantasy of peeing all over herself in the bathtub.  She is shy about trying it, but finally gives in, and lets it run down her legs as she sighs in relief.


Scene Two
Hayley feels the urge to pee while she is watching televison.  Instead of going to the bathroom, she begins rubbing her pussy through her white cotton panties and unbuttons her shirt and shows you her beautiful breasts.  When she’s totally desperate, she decides to pee in her panties, and you are treated to a great panty wetting scene from front and rear with plenty of hissing noises.


Scene Three
Hayley just woke up and wants to pee on her daddy.  Watch her dance in desperation before she kneels over daddy and pees.


Scene Four
Hayley is wearing tight jean shorts and a sexy top and is dancing desperately trying to hold it.  She can’t, and you get to see front and rear views of her pee gushing through her shorts.


Scene Five
Hayley is sitting naked on the floor squirming in total desperation.  When she has to release her huge bladder, she gets on her hands and knees and you get to see her pee from behind as she smiles at you through her legs.


Scene Six
Hayley is wearing a cute little baby doll outfit, and when it's time to pee, her clinging panties become dark with her wetness.


Scene Seven
Hayley has filled herself up again and tells you how hard it is for her to hold it while she does a serious pee-pee dance.  She is so desperate that her pee begins dripping and shooting as soon as she sits on the floor and spreads her legs.  Great hissing noises and sighs of relief as she sits naked and spread legged on the floor and just lets go.


Scene Eight
Hayley is desperate again, and to alleviate the pressure does a sexy strip tease for her daddy.  Soon, all she is wearing is her sexy little white cotton bikini panties with cherries on them.  Then, dancing in total desperation, with her sexy b-cups jiggling, she begs daddy to let her pee on him, and you get a great camera angle of looking up at Hayley as if you were lying under her as she lets go.  Then she poses for you in her soaked panties and shows you how wet her perfect little ass is.


Scene Nine
Hayley is wearing tight jeans, and is desperate again.  When she can’t hold it anymore, she lets go and you get to see her wet her pants from the front and rear.


Scene Ten
Hayley is desperate again and wants to pee on daddy.  She is so desperate that before she even squats over daddy, she loses a stream of pee.  She regains her composure long enough to squat over daddy and shoot a forceful stream on him while she moans in relief.


Scene Eleven
Hayley has been out running, but she had to pee badly and wet her red satin running shorts before she could make it in the house.  Once she’s inside, she decides to empty the rest of her bladder and soak her shorts.


Scene Twelve
Desperate again, Hayley decides to dance and strip to relieve the pressure, but that’s just temporary.  Soon, she gets on her hands and knees and releases a seemingly never ending stream of pee.
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PATCHES COMMENT:  This is the best Jorana video yet!  Hayley is sensual and sexy while demonstrating how much she loves watersports.  If you have not gotten a Jorana video, this is the one to try!
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