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Starring Cassie, Shannon, and Sue

Cassie, Shannon, and Sue are back with more wet fun in this new hour long romp.  Shannon pees her panties in her cheerleader outfit and gives and receives golden showers with her boyfriend in their bed.  Cassie soaks her tight jeans and has more wet fun with Mike, and Sue giggles as she shoots a huge pee fountain all over herself.  This video is shot with great camera angles so it looks like you are right there.  This is another great video to watch with your mate.



Scene One

Cassie is standing on the bed in tight jeans and a sexy top, and has an accident in her pants.  She turns and shows you how soaked she is in the back, then strips to her pretty pink panties and masturbates standing up.  Watch the expressions on her gorgeous face as she gets more and more turned on.



Scene Two

It’s wet t-shirt time for Cassie. She is laying in bed in a pair of sexy pink panties and a white t-shirt, and she is playing with herself.  When she gets close to cumming, Mike gets on the bed with her and soaks her t-shirt and panties as she rubs herself and cums.  Afterwards, she rubs her beautiful breasts thru her soaked and now transparent shirt.



Scene Three

For all you bathing suit fans, Shannon is alone in her bedroom in a sexy blue bikini.  She plays with her pussy thru the bikini bottoms, then removes her top and plays with her breasts.  Then she releases her full bladder and you can just imagine seeing her on the beach.



Scene Four

Shannon is in bed, and asks her boyfriend to pee on her ass.  He is happy to oblige, then she turns over and he empties his full bladder on her pussy as she masturbates and cums.  Then she squats over him and pees on his cock as he rubs it all over her pussy.



Scene Five

Shannon gets on her hands and knees in bed, and pees on her boyfriend's cock. You get the view of her sexy slim ass from behind.



Scene Six

Shannon is bursting to pee, and runs upstairs in her tight little cheerleader outfit, then lifts her skirt and has a big accident in her panties.



Scene Seven

Sue is 3 months pregnant, and is starting to show.  She lays on her back, pulls her knees up, and pisses a huge hissing pee fountain all over her chest and face.



Scene Eight

Cassie is naked and masturbating.  She gets close to an orgasm and Mike pees right on her pussy as she rubs herself hard and fast and cums.  Then, she stands over Mike and empties her filled bladder in a beautiful, hissing stream.



Scene Nine

Shannon asks her boyfriend if he had a good time playing wet games last night, and asks him if he wants to do it again.  Who could say no to this beautiful girl.  They go upstairs and take turns soaking each other with their full bladders.



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