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Starring Cassie, Shannon, and Sue

Bondage, Pee Drinking, and Golden Showers galore as you meet Cassie, Shannon, and Sue in this hot and sexy tape.  Twenty-Four year old Shannon gets off giving and receiving golden showers with her boyfriend.  Watch nineteen year old Cassie get peed on in bondage, and shyly engage in watersports for the first time, and don't miss twenty-four year old Sue drink her boyfriend's golden stream right from his cock and swallow it.  Nothing is faked.  This video is shot with great camera angles so it looks like you are right there.  A great video to watch with your mate.



Scene One

Slim and sexy Shannon is home alone, and wonders what it would be like to wet her pants.  She is wearing a pair of tight jeans, and sits on the floor with her legs spread and her knees up.  She squirts her pee into her jeans, with a nice hissing noise.  Then she stands up, shows you her beautiful wet ass, and lets the rest of her pee run down her legs.  Then, she shows you her white cotton panties, and rubs herself through them.



Scene Two

Shannon and her boyfriend are almost ready for bed, but she tells him she wants to try something different tonight - she wants to pee on him.  They get on the floor and she sits on his lap and soaks him through her panties.  Then he pees all over her drenched panties while she masturbates and cums.



Scene Three

Watch beautiful teenage Cassie wet her tight jeans for the very first time, and don't miss the look on her face as she stands and lets her pee run down her legs.



Scene Four

Cassie had no idea what our cameraman, Mike Sponge, had in store for her in this scene.  She is in bed, in handcuffs, and has her hands tied above her head.  She begs in her little girl voice to be released, because she has to pee badly and is going to wet the bed.  But first, Mike decides to give her her first ever golden shower, despite her whimpering and begging.  As soon as he finishes, she loses control and shoots her pee on Mike as she lays across from him with her legs spread.  Great hissing noise.



Scene Five

Sue, a true watersports devotee, makes her first ever appearance on video, and has a huge accident in her jean shorts.  Then she pulls them down and shows you her wet purple panties.



Scene Six

Sue drinks and swallows pee right from her boyfriend’s cock, and barely spills a drop.  Nothing is faked, you can see and hear her gulp and swallow.  A very rare scene.



Scene Seven

Shannon and her boyfriend are downstairs and it’s bedtime.  She asks him if he would like to have some wet fun in their bed.  They go upstairs and undress, and she asks him to pee on her pussy fast and hard, and she cums.  Then she does it fast and hard on his cock as he jerks off.



Scene Eight

Cassie decided getting peed on wasn’t too bad, and agreed to try it again.  This time, she masturbates to the edge of orgasm, and Mike pees on her pretty green panties and makes her cum.  Then, she stands over him and empties her full bladder.



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