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Starring Sean and Becky

What could be more sexy than laying under your beautiful 20 year-old girlfriend as she gushes pee all over you?  We don't know, either!  In Jorana 3, Sean is back and treats her boyfriend and you to 9 golden shower scenes with great camera angles.  Plus, 5 more scenes of Sean having accidents in her clothes, and a new girl, Becky has 4 solo scenes.



Scene One
Introducing Becky, a petite 20 year old black girl, in her first wet scene ever.  Becky is wearing cutoffs and panties, and is desperate to pee.  She is also getting turned on, and you can hear and see her desperation, then her relief as she has a huge accident.


Scene Two
Becky is feeling horny as she wakes up, and wets her white panties and the bed.  Then she masturbates through her wet panties.


Scene Three
Becky has an accident in her jeans, then she enjoys her wet clothes.


Scene Four
Becky decides to fill her bladder, then masturbate and get as horny as she can before she pees a huge hissing fountain from her naked pussy.


Scene Five
Wearing pale green cotton panties, Sean is desperate to pee.  Her boyfriend grabs the camera and scoots under her, showing you what it would look like if you were laying under Sean.  She can't hold it anymore, and gives her boyfriend a nice, hissing golden shower through her sexy panties.


Scene Six
Sean has to go again, and her boyfriend enjoyed his golden shower so much the first time that he wants another one.  Sean is wearing another pair of cotton panties, and she paces around as she nears the bursting point.  Then, showing you her gorgeous panty-clad ass, she squats down and pees on her boyfriend's cock.


Scene Seven
Sean is laying in bed, and decides to play with herself.  All of a sudden, she has to pee, and decides to make a big pee fountain, and a big mess, in bed.


Scene Eight
Sean is at the computer, looking at Patches' home page.  She turns to the camera, and asks if you want to see what she used to do when she was a little girl.  Then, she sits and wets her jeans, then takes them down and wets her panties.


Scene Nine
Sean paces back and forth and hops up and down in desperation, then gets naked and squats over her boyfriend and gives him a great golden shower, stopping and starting her sexy stream, with her lovely naked ass facing the camera.


Scene Ten
Sean stands over her boyfriend in a pair of flowered panties, can't hold it, and wets herself and her boyfriend.


Scene Eleven
Sean is wearing red velvet panties, and has a big accident.


Scene Twelve
Wearing a bra and a black skirt, Sean does a striptease and shows you her beautiful naked body.  Then, she squats over her boyfriend and gives him a gushing, hissing, golden shower.


Scene Thirteen
Sean is confined to her room, and soon becomes desperate to pee.  She has an accident in her jeans.


Scene Fourteen
Sean prances around in desperation before hiking up her nightie and squatting over her boyfriend and giving him a naked golden shower.


Scene Fifteen
Sean's boyfriend won't get off the toilet, and when Sean becomes desperate, she has no choice but to wet her cutoffs on the bathroom carpet.


Scene Sixteen
Sitting in the computer chair, Sean spreads her legs and makes a fountain, getting her boyfriend and the camera wet.


Scene Seventeen
Sean is desperate again, and stands over her boyfriend and gives him a golden shower through her gray cotton panties.


Scene Eighteen
Her boyfriend is laying under her again, and Sean gives him a golden shower with the camera looking up at her lovely ass.


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