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Starring Sean

Beautiful 20 year old red-haired Sean is back with 21 more scenes in Jorana 2.  Plenty of Desperation, Accidents, Hissing Noises, Naked Peeing, and Golden Showers!



Scene One
Sean plays the part of a sultry Southern gal.  She poses for you, and shows you her incredible body.  Then, she has to pee.  She needs a Johnny, but she says her boyfriend will do.  She stands over him and lets loose a huge gusher.


Scene Two
Sean is wearing a tight pair of jeans, and she is totally desperate to pee.  She squirms and hops around and bends over before finally losing control and soaking her pants, moaning in relief as she goes.  When she finishes, she shows you her yellow cotton panties, and spanks herself and tells you she's been very, very naughty!


Scene Three
Dressed like a school girl in a white top and plaid skirt, Sean is desperate again.  She finds her boyfriend sitting on a chair, so she stands over him and gives him a golden shower right through her little girl white cotton panties.


Scene Four
Sean is locked out of the bathroom, and becomes desperate.  Soon she decides she can't hold it any longer, lifts up her slip, and pees in her pale blue cotton panties.  You can hear the hissing noise as she pees, and when she’s done, she is so turned on she plays with herself.


Scene Five
Poor little Sean is an English servant who has misbehaved, and is now tied to a chair as punishment.  She soon becomes desperate to pee, and wets her cotton panties while sitting tied to the chair.


Scene Six
You get a great view of Sean s sexy ass as she poses on her hands and knees for you, before squirting her sexy pee.


Scene Seven
Sean takes advantage of the fact that no one else is home.  She finds a sexy magazine, and gets so turned on that she decides to get on her knees and pee in her jeans, right on the bed.  You can hear the hissing noise as she pees.


Scene Eight
Sean is naked in the bathtub, and you get a lovely view of her ass, as she asks you if you want to watch her pee.  She turns around, and you get to watch her pee in the tub.


Scene Nine
Sean is wearing pink cotton panties.  She kneels over her boyfriend, and squirts out a wonderful stream of pee.  Fantastic hissing noise.


Scene Ten
Sean is sleeping in just a pair of cotton panties when, just as she is waking up, she has a little accident.  It turns her on, so she decides to finish peeing her panties in bed.  More hissing noise.  Then, when she finishes, she plays with herself through her panties, and poses, showing you her ass and pussy through the wet fabric.


Scene Eleven
Sean is watching TV in the bedroom, when she has to pee.  She gets up, and realizes no one is home, so she goes into the spare bedroom, and gets ready to pee in her white pants.  When she lets it go, it gushes out of her!  She moans in relief, and you get to hear another great hissing sound.  When she is done, she poses for you in her wet panties, and she plays with herself.


Scene Twelve
This scene is shot in black and white.  Sean finishes exercising, and says that all that exercising made her have to pee.  So, she stands in the doorway, and pees in her tight black shorts.  More hissing noise.


Scene Thirteen
Sean is the misbehaving English servant again, and this time she has been left upstairs without access to the bathroom.  She is begging her captors to let her go, but to no avail.  Sean is wearing a pair of tight jeans, and to say her ass looks lovely in them would be an understatement.  The inevitable occurs, and Sean soaks her jeans.  She shows you the wet stains in the front and rear, then takes her jeans off, and shows you her wet cotton panties.


Scene Fourteen
In this scene, Sean stands right over the camera, and pees on her boyfriend.  You get to see her pee squirt from her pussy just as if she were standing over you!


Scene Fifteen
Sean is wearing a sexy top and green cotton panties, which she proceeds to wet.  Then, she shows you the wet stains, then removes them and you get to see her pose naked.


Scene Sixteen
Sean is sitting on the floor totally naked, and desperate to pee.  She squirms around until she can't hold it any longer, then spreads her pussy open.  Then, a fountain of pee erupts, and you get to see it come right out of her pee hole.


Scene Seventeen
Sean realizes no one is home again, and decides to pee in her white pants.  Her pee makes a great hissing noise as she lets it go.  Then she shows you how wet her panties are and she plays with herself.


Scene Eighteen & Nineteen
Here are two short golden shower scenes, the first with Sean standing over her boyfriend, and the other with her facing him.


Scene Twenty
Her boyfriend wants Sean to pee in the tub.  She tries as hard as she can to hold out, but eventually loses control and wets her panties.  Just when you think she is done peeing, she turns around and lets loose another gusher with great hissing noises.


Scene Twenty-One
Sean is naked and bursting to pee.  You get a great view of her sexy ass as she wiggles and squirms.  Finally she can't hold it any longer, and she pees all over the floor.  You get to see and hear it come from her pussy up close and personal.


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