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Jorana 10 continues in the same vein as Jorana 9, with Cindy and Jorana peeing on each other and in each other’s mouth and hair.  At the end of volume 10, there is a sampler of scenes from Jorana's volumes one through eight, so new viewers can see all of Jorana's models in action.


Scene One
Cindy is desperate to pee, and the girls decide that Cindy will stand over a fully-clothed Jorana and pee in her panties, soaking Jorana.  We get great front and rear views of Cindy as she empties her huge bladder and soaks Jorana's sexy top and jeans.  Then, Jorana removes her jeans, briefly wets her panties, then gets naked and pees a huge amount all over Cindy's belly, panty-clad pussy, and in her bra.


Scene Two
The girls are naked and Jorana kneels and licks Cindy’s pussy.  Before long Cindy begins releasing her pee in short spurts, and Jorana eagerly laps it up.  The, Cindy stands over Jorana and pees on her belly and clit, before Jorana puts her mouth up to Cindy’s pussy and Cindy pees in her mouth again and again.  Next, Jorana stands over Cindy and pees all over her tits, belly and pussy, and Cindy licks the last drops from Jorana’s pussy.


Scene Three
Jorana is licking Cindy’s pussy, and Cindy releases her pee in short spurts as Jorana drinks it down and pleasures her friend.  Soon it is Jorana’s turn to pee all over Cindy, and Cindy thanks her by licking her pussy.  Then, Jorana gets on top of Cindy and the two girls rub and grind their slippery wet bodies against each other.


Scene Four
The girls are in bed wearing white cotton panties, and Jorana is so desperate that she lays back, spreads her legs and wets her panties and the bed as Cindy feels her pussy while she pees.  Then, she gets on top of Cindy and finishes emptying her bladder through her panties, and soaks Cindy’s panties as well.  They grind their wet panties together before Cindy gets on top of Jorana and soaks her.  The scene ends with the girls in a 69 position licking and sucking the pee from each others’ panties.


Scene Five
The girls are in sexy cotton panties and tops, and Cindy is desperate.  Jorana gets between her legs and Cindy wets her panties and pees in Jorana’s hair and face, and mouth.  Then Jorana stands over Cindy and pees all over her hair and when she’s done, Cindy sucks the pee from Jorana's panties and masturbates herself through her own wet panties.


Scene Six

The girls are showering together after their day of wet fun, and the shower has made them have to pee again.  Cindy pees while Jorana holds her pussy, and then Cindy holds Jorana’s pussy while Jorana pees.  The girls then fondle and caress each other as they wave goodbye to all the viewers.

Next are nine short scenes from Jorana volumes one through eight which give you a sample of the models and the wet action from our previous titles.



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