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Starring Sean and Tina

In Jorana 1, you meet 2 beautiful 20 year olds, Sean, a natural red-haired beauty, and Tina, a tall, gorgeous brunette.  Both girls have great bodies, and great personalities, too.  If you like desperation, and hissing noises, you'l love watching as Sean and Tina ask if you want to watch them pee.  Sometimes they pretend that you are their boyfriend, as they look at you and beg you not to make them wet themselves.  The results are 17 delightful scenes of beautiful girls moaning in relief as they have accidents, make great hissing noises, and empty their full bladders.



Scene One
Beautiful Sean, dressed like a schoolgirl in a soft angora sweater and plaid skirt, her natural red hair in pigtails, tells you that no one is home, and she wants to show you what she likes to do when nobody is home.  She pulls up her plaid skirt, revealing her sexy white cotton bikini panties, and wets herself on purpose.  Great hissing noise.  Then she tells you she has been a bad, bad girl, and shows you her wet patch, front and rear.


Scene Two
If you liked the hissing noise in the first scene, wait till you see and hear Sean wet her jeans when she is bursting and desperate.  She's also topless, and you get to see her beautiful, pink-nippled breasts, not to mention her wet panties underneath.


Scene Three
Sean lifts up her dress to reveal a pair of pink cotton panties.  Then she turns, showing you her sexy ass in her pink panties, and proceeds to wet herself.  This turns her on, so she plays with herself in her panties.


Scene Four
In this scene, you get to see firsthand that Sean is, indeed, a natural redhead.  She squats, giving you a close-up view of her beautiful trimmed, natural red-haired pussy.  Then, she squirts out 2 hard streams, which turns her on, so she plays with herself.


Scene Five
Beautiful Tina is tall and has a gorgeous body.  She has never tried any type of watersport activity, but our trusty cameraman talked her into peeing her sexy purple cotton panties in the tub.  She waits until she is bursting, then she has no choice but to wet herself, and she moans in relief.  She pees for 60 seconds!  Afterwards, she tells you it really wasn't so bad.  Then she poses, and shows you her gorgeous ass in her wet panties.


Scene Six
Sean is so desperate, she can't stand still.  You get to see her desperation, before she lifts her white dress, and has an accident in her white pantyhose.


Scene Seven
Sean is naked, and shows you her lovely ass.  Then, she bends forward and lets you watch her pee from behind.


Scene Eight
Sean is wearing a see-thru bra, and long white cotton pants.  She is totally desperate, moaning and holding herself, and is begging you not to make her pee in her pants.  Poor Sean can't hold it and wets herself.  More great hissing noise when she pees.  Then, Sean takes off her wet pants and shows you her wet cotton panties.


Scene Nine
In this scene, you get an up close view of Sean totally naked.  She has to pee badly, and you get to see it come right out of her pussy in 3 hissing gushes as she stands right in front of you.


Scene Ten
Tina is back, and she asks you if you want to watch her go to the bathroom in her pants.  She then turns and shows you her gorgeous ass in yellow panties, and wets herself as she moans in relief.  More hissing noise.  This gets Tina turned on, so she rubs herself through her panties.


Scene Eleven
Sean is totally desperate.  She is wearing a sexy black top, and a pair of light blue cotton panties that cling to her sexy ass.  She is squirming and wiggling and moaning, and finally can't hold it any longer.  She bends forward, and lets the pee just gush right out of her panties.  She is so turned on that she plays with herself in her panties.


Scene Twelve
Sean is totally naked, on her hands and knees.  She has to pee badly, but she wants to hold it and play with herself.  She does, and then finally lets a big hard stream go as you get a great view from the rear.


Scene Thirteen
Tina is coming in the front door from school, and realizes she is home alone.  She tells you she has always wanted to try something - guess what that might be?  She goes upstairs and pulls up her skirt, showing you her sexy green cotton panties.  Standing, she savors every moment, then makes a tiny wet spot in her panties.  She enjoys that for a moment, then finishes soaking her panties.  She loves the feeling of her wet panties so she rubs them against her pussy.


Scene Fourteen
Tina is naked and desperate to pee.  She asks if you want to watch.  She tries to hold it but eventually, she has to let it go.  She pees for 60 seconds, and squirts out a separate stream of white girl cum while she is peeing!


Scene Fifteen
Tina is wearing a sexy top, and a pair of jeans, and is desperate to pee.  She asks you if you want to see her be a bad girl.  She then pees in her pants, moaning in relief, and you get to hear her pee hissing out as she pees for another minute!  Afterwards, she shows you her sexy panties, and rubs them for you.


Scene Sixteen
Tina looks right at you and asks you not to make her do this.  Of course, you get your way, and soon Tina is on her hands and knees, and you are close up looking right at her beautiful ass.  She then pees another long pee, stopping and starting her lovely stream.


Scene Seventeen
Tina is wearing grey tights, and you can see the line of the cotton panties she is wearing underneath.  You get to see her pee in her tights from the front and the back, then she removes them and plays with herself in her wet panties.


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