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I Need 2 Pee Video 9 - What a Gusher!
You know you love it!  “What a Gusher” features 10 scenes and 2 bonus clips.  You get to see 2 double girl wettings, 2 public wettings, tight jeans, dresses, pantyhose, panties and spandex all being wet by your favorite models plus Julie, a new model from ineed2pee.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 9 Trailer (6.2 Meg in Quicktime format).


Scene One
Michelle is passed out on her couch.  An unseen “friend” decides to play a trick on her and put her hand in warm water to see if it makes her pee.  Michelle wakes up as she starts to pee her pants and the couch and she is really mad!  She crawls to the bathroom on her hands and knees and in her drunken state, she cannot get her pants down fast enough before she completely wets them.  Then she just sits on the toilet and finishes peeing with her pants on.


Scene Two
Janessa is helping a friend with a project on an upstairs window.  She is standing on a ladder outside the house while her friend is inside.  She desperately needs to pee and when her friend does not finish his part of the job fast enough, she loses control and begins wetting her pants.


Scene Three
Janessa and Alex are sitting on a bench at a busstop waiting for the next bus.  They both need to pee badly and they notice that a couple of guys have noticed them and taken an interest in them.  As the guys move closer, they struggle to keep control of their very full bladders.  All of a sudden Alex loses it and makes a giant puddle on the ground under her seat.  This causes Janessa to lose control too and make a puddle under herself.  The girls decide they just need to get out of there fast so they get up and move away quickly but not before the guys notice that they have wet their pants.


Scene Four
Julie has a secret she would not even admit to her closest friends!  She likes to watch other girls wet their pants as she holds on to her full bladder in anticipation of wetting her own pants.  She gets turned on by needing to pee!  After drinking 4 cups of coffee, she holds herself as she looks at pictures of girls wetting themselves.  Wearing a dress and pantyhose over her white panties, she holds herself as long as she can and then squats to pee through her panties and pantyhose.  She loves the warm, naughty feeling!  Then she stands and pees some more so she can feel her pee run down her pantyhose covered legs.  She enjoys it so much, she is going to try to drink 6 cups of coffee tomorrow and repeat her naughty pleasures!


Scene Five
Sara goes to her boyfriend's place but can't get in when she arrives.  She has to pee so she goes to a public place near his home to find a bathroom.  Everything is closed up!  She walks down by the water and becomes so desperate, she decides to just pee herself!  After wetting her pants, she goes back to her boyfriend's place and finds he is home now.  After he lets her in and discovers she has wet herself, he gives her a spanking!


Scene Six
Marla gets caught short while she is out walking.  She thought she could keep control but suddenly she begins wetting her skirt, pantyhose and shoes!


Scene Seven
Julie and Sara are walking their dogs and the cold air makes them need to go as badly as their dogs!  Julie becomes so desperate that she loses a little pee and makes a wet spot on her pants.  Then she manages to get control of her bursting bladder even when Sara loses control and completely wets her pants!  Julie almost makes it home but then wets her pants right outside the house.  She squats down as she floods her pants but then when she stands up, she floods them again as a second wave of pee flows from her.


Scene Eight
Michelle is watching her favorite TV show and despite her urgent need to pee, she refuses to miss a moment of the action on her program.  Soon she is standing at the foot of her bed in front of the TV in case she miscalculates and has an accident.  Soon she is leaking a little but only gets the crotch of her jeans wet.  As soon as the program is over, she makes a dash for the bathroom but finds the door is lockes!  That makes her totally lose it right in front of the bathroom door and she soaks her jeans.


Scene Nine
Sara hears some strange noises in another part of her house and becomes very frightened.  She hides in her bedroom.  She is both scared and desperate.  This combination causes her to wet her pants until she is soaked all the way down to her ankles.


Scene Ten
Adana likes to hold her pee until she wets herself because it feels so good.  She is outside on her ATV and presses on her clit when she is desperate because it increases her pleasure.  Finally when she can't hold it any longer, she gets off her ATV, spreads her legs, and begins wetting her stretch pants and panties as she watches herself pee.  Then she pulls her pants down a little so she can play with her wet panties and touch herself some more to increase her sexual pleasure!


Bonus Scenes
Finally, we have a couple of bonus scenes.  The first shows what happens after Scene Three was shot and the girls talk about the people going by who saw them wet themselves.  Alex even pees again wetting her jeans some more!  The second bonus scene shows Michelle after Scene Eight while she is cleaning up.  She talks about other scenes she has done and reactions she gets.


Running Time: 90 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
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