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I Need 2 Pee Video 7 - Soaking Wet
You know you love it!  You love to hear desperate girls exclaiming, “I need to pee!”  What could be better than seeing it too as they lose control and wet themselves?  The next best thing to being there when it happens is watching it happen on the videos from ineed2pee.
The title is “Soaking Wet” and you will be wet too after watching all the girls wet themselves!  Marla, Shiela, and Michelle are the latest new girls to join regulars like Alexa, Janessa, Candi and Skye in their desperate acts of trying to hold their pee until they wet themselves.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 7 Trailer (5.9 Meg in Quicktime format).


Scene One
Alexa is reading a copy of Wet Set Magazine on the Wet Set website.  Seeing and reading about other girls wetting their pants inspires her to hold her pee as long as she can before wetting her own pants!  Given the amount of pee that runs down her legs onto the floor, there can be no doubt about how desperate she was when she finally lost control and wet her pants.  She even enjoys playing with herself through her wet panties!


Scene Two
Janessa and Marla have just returned home after staying longer than they should have flirting with a guy at a bar.  In their rush to get into the house so they can pee, they try to grab the house keys from each other trying to be first to use the bathroom.  Inadvertantly, the keys go flying into the bushes and Marla can't find them right away.  While waiting, Janessa loses control and wet her pants while sitting on the steps.  After Marla finds the keys, Janessa takes them from her and rushes in the house and locks Marla outside.  Now Marla is the one to lose control and wets herself!  Both girls then go inside, take their pants off, and compare how wet they are.


Scene Three
Shiela is waiting for a bus on a busy street.  Before the bus arrives, Shiela loses control and wets the back of her skirt.  She then decides to walk home rather than take the bus when it comes.  On the way, she gets a ride from a friend and shows her how wet she is.


Scene Four
Poor Alexa is trying to make it home but gets caught short.  She is wearing her leggings because she has been out exercising but starts to wet herself.  She regains control but continues to wet herself as she hurries along.  Finally she comes across a park bench and sits down where she loses all control and soaks herself and the ground under the bench.


Scene Five
Candi is out driving with the other girls in the car and she desperately needs to pee.  She can't find a bathroom anywhere and knows she won't find anything in the area around the industrial park where she is driving.  In utter desperation, she pulls over in a parking area, jumps out of her car, squats down, lets the pee flow through her pants until she is relieved from all the pressure.  Marla jumps out of the car to inspect the damage and try to comfort the now distraught Candi who doesn't want to get back in the car and get her car seat wet.


Scene Six
Shiela and Skye are pledging a sorority and there is only one more opening.  To decide who will be accepted into the sorority, the girls have to drink a lot of fluids and the one who pees her pants first will be rejected from the sorority.  Skye eventually loses the contest but Shiela does not last much longer than Skye and wets her pants right afterwards.  As the girls compare their wet panties, Skye makes a final bid to be reconsidered for the sorority by peeing a stream right through her panties and over the top of her pants!  Impressive!


Scene Seven
Michelle is locked out of her house and despite making frantic phone calls to a friend with the keys while a nosey neighbor is watching her, she is unable to find relief.  She ends up wetting her pants right on the back deck of her home.


Scene Eight
In a hurry to catch a train, Skye fails to use the bathroom when she had a chance and becomes very desperate as she rushes to get to the train.  She realizes she has missed the train when she hears it go past and then can't even find a gate open to get to the platform to wait for the next train.  She starts wetting her panties and her pee runs down her legs and soaks her shoes and the concrete under her.  Before the scene ends, she does show a glimpse of her wet panties.


Scene Nine
Michelle has been out jogging and is trying to make it home before she wets her pants.  She almost makes it but loses control as she pauses for a moment by a tree.  She regains control and decides to run the rest of the way home.  Just as she gets there, she loses control again on the porch outside her house.  She floods her jogging shorts and makes a large puddle on the porch.


Scene Ten
Alexa is out for a day at the beach to catch some sun.  As she arrives and takes off her sun dress, she realizes she needs to pee.  She looks around and sees the restrooms a long way off in the distance.  As she sits down on the grass, she loses control just long enough to make a wet spot on her swimsuit.  Since she is already wet and plans to go swimming anyway, she decides to just pee in her swimsuit.  Several times she makes loud hissing noises as she pees and floods the ground around her.  She hopes no one notices how wet she is before she can get into the water!


Bonus Scenes
Finally, there are 4 bonus scenes showing the behind the scenes action from several of the scenes in the video.  The outtakes are not included on the CD versions because there is no room for them on the CD.  The outtakes give some candid insight into what happens after a scene is shot and how the girls react to what they have just done.


Running Time: Over 72 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
NOTE: NTSC format DVDs will play on most PAL DVD players in countries that use PAL format.
The video is also available on CD for $22.00 in MPEG1 format which will play on any computer.
This video is also available for download.
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