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I Need 2 Pee Video 5 - Wet Summer 2006
You know you love it!  You love to hear desperate girls exclaiming, “I need to pee!”  What could be better than seeing it too as they lose control and wet themselves?  The next best thing to being there when it happens is watching it happen on the videos from ineed2pee.  This latest title runs 60 minutes and has 3 new girls: Alice, Skye, and Tobi.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 5 Trailer (5.8 Meg in Quicktime format).


Scene One
You are at a park on a date with Alice.  She smiles, flirts, and talks about herself.  She is wearing a swimsuit and she seems very anxious about something!  She doesn't want to tell you but she really needs to pee badly.  When she gets up off the blanket to leave with you, she loses it!  Her involuntary leakage becomes a flood and she pees through her swimsuit right in front of you!  You not only get to see her accident up close but you get to hear the hissing sounds you love to hear!


Scene Two
Adorable Cindi returns in this movie after missing from the scenes in Vol. 4.  She is desperate to pee and trying to make it home to use the bathroom.  After a brief struggle to get in the door, she makes her way to the bathroom only to be grossed out by the mess her boyfriend made in the toilet!  She quickly decides to jump in the bathtub to relieve herself.  As she starts to unbuckle her belt to take her pants down, she loses control and begins peeing in her tight jeans.  She makes no further attempt to remove her pants and just stands there flooding them!  You not only see the glistening wetness on her jeans but you hear the loud hissing sounds she makes as she seems to pee forever!  When she finishes peeing, she pulls her pants down as she prepares to wash up.


Scene Three
Skye and Janessa are riding in a minivan on their way to a party.  Both girls are desperate but Skye is more desperate to pee and keeps asking the driver to stop but there are no bathrooms around and he keeps assuring the girls “We are almost there!”  Soon Skye can't hold on any longer and she throws a towel on the floor of the van in case she has an accident.  It was just in time because she soon has a wet spot on her pants!  Now that the floodgates have started to open, she can't hold back any longer and moves forward so her pee will run on the towel and not on the seat of the van.  She totally soaks her pants and as Janessa witnesses her accident, she reaches the point where she can't hold on any longer either.  Janessa then wets her panties, pantyhose, and the back of her skirt.  With all the laughter, it seems like the girls just had a party and they certainly can't go to the one they were planning to.


Scene Four
It is raining and Alexa is going home but when she gets there, she discovers she can't get in.  She desperately needs to pee and after running around the deck outside her sliding glass doors, she begins to have an accident in her white capri pants.  The spots of rain on her pants are soon joined by a large, expanding, glistening wet area as the pee runs down her legs.  As Alexa often says, “Oh oh!”


Scene Five
Adana and Janessa are locked out of Janessa's apartment and are waiting for a friend to come by with the keys.  The girls have a picnic table to sit on while they wait but no bathroom and Adana is desperate.  She tries everything to hold on — crossing her legs, walking, using her hands to hold her pee in!  Then all of a sudden while sitting on the picnic table, Adana springs a leak!  Her pee stream runs through her panties, across the back of her skirt, and cascades like a waterfall onto the ground!  There was no stopping once the pee flow started!  Janessa tried to console Adana as she inspected her wet panties.


Scene Six
Ariel is working as a secretary and she is desperate to pee.  She trying to hang on to use the bathroom during her lunch break.  When it is time for her break, she bolts for the door but finds the bathroom on her floor locked.  She decides to go downstairs but then locks herself out in the stairwell.  She goes to the outside door and watches for the friend she is supposed to meet for lunch.  As she stands there looking, she loses control and begins wetting her panties, pantyhose, the carpet, and even catches a lot of pee in her shoes! 


Scene Seven
Cindi and Tobi are on the way home and both of them are very desperate!  When they get to the house, they are locked out.  As they are trying to decide what to do, Cindi begins leaking in her panties.  She quickly pulls up her long skirt and squats down where she wets her panties in a massive flood.  Just as she finishes, Tobi begins wetting her pants.


Scene Eight
Janessa is walking home from work wearing thin linen pants.  She is really, really desperate and has to stop a couple of times just to hold her pee in.  She finally reaches the point where the urge is uncontrollable and begins wetting her pants.  She then squats down to release the rest of her flood.


Scene Nine
Tobi is riding in the back seat of a car and is totally desperate to pee.  She realizes she may have an accident so she puts a newspaper under her just in case.  Soon a little pee involuntarily leaks out into her green fleece jumpsuit.  Knowing that she is losing the muscle control to hold it in, she decides to release a little more just to take the pressure off.  Sensing that there is an impending flood that can't be contained by the newspaper, she jumps out of the car and squats in front of a store where she floods her pants and the sidewalk.  You won't know it by what Tobi says in the scene but we think Tobi gets aroused by wetting her pants because if you look closely you will see her nipples are hard by the end of the scene but not in the beginning!  This level of resolution is only available on the DVD or VHS tape but not the CD.


Bonus Scenes
There are a couple of bonus scenes for you to enjoy.  The first shows a conversation between Janessa and Skye in the minivan after shooting their scene.  They are laughing about how wet they are and telling about previous experiences they had wetting themselves.  Skye tells about a time she had an accident in her shorts in front of friends.  Janessa tells about a time she deliberately wet her bed because she was too lazy to get up and use the bathroom.  In the second bonus scene, Alice tells about a time she wet her pants in front of her mother when she was desperate to pee and no bathroom was available.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
NOTE: NTSC format DVDs will play on most PAL DVD players in countries that use PAL format.
The video is also available on CD for $22.00 in MPEG1 format which will play on any computer.
This video is also available for download.
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