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I Need 2 Pee Video 4 - Just Can’t Wait
You know you love it!  You love to hear desperate girls exclaiming, “I need to pee!”  What could be better than seeing it too as they lose control and wet themselves?  The next best thing to being there when it happens is watching it happen on the videos from ineed2pee.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 4 Trailer (5.6 Meg in Quicktime format).


Scene One
Alexa has car trouble and is forced to walk.  Needing to pee, she stops by some restrooms to relieve herself... but finds them locked for the season!  She crosses her legs and holds herself desperately as she considers her options.  All of a sudden, it is too late!  She starts peeing uncontrolably in her tight blue jeans.


Scene Two
Alexa and Ariel are driving to a friend's house which is difficult to find.  They both drank a lot of water earlier and Alexa has to pee desperately as she sits in the back seat and moans with every speed bump that Ariel hits.  Ariel keeps bragging that she doesn't have to pee yet despite drinking as much as Alexa.  Finally Ariel finds a place where she can pull over and let Alexa pee down a secluded path.  Before Alexa can get her belt undone and pull her pants down, she starts to pee and totally floods her pants while Ariel looks on.  Ariel thinks the sight of Alexa wetting her pants is hilarious and laughs so hard she starts wetting her own pants.  The two girls get back in the car and continue looking for their friend's house.


Scene Three
Adana is a new pretty face in video 4 and in this scene, she has come to visit a friend but her friend is not home.  Her bladder is full and she ponders what to do while she waits for her friend to return home.  At one point she considers peeing in the back yard but then notices that the neighbors are home and will see her.  She returns to the seclusion of the back porch, sits down, and decides to just wet her pants!  Soon a waterfall is erupting from the crotch of her light green capri pants and she sits there watching the puddle that is forming under her and the growing pee stain on her pants!


Scene Four
Janessa and Adana have been out drinking and they return home with very full bladders.  They are both a little drunk and acting completely silly.  As Janessa fumbles around to find the right key to unlock the door, Adana starts tickling her.  Janessa is very ticklish and laughs incontrolably every time Adana touches her.  Janessa begs Adana to stop but this only makes Adana want to tickle her more.  Janessa hangs on as long as she can but she finally wets her pants from all the tickling.  Only then does Adana stop long enough for Janessa to find the key and open the house door.  Adana rushes to the bathroom to use the toilet but she can't get her pants down fast enough and starts wetting them as Janessa watches.  After she floods her jeans, she pulls off each of her boots to dump out all the pee that has collected inside them.  Next the girls pull down their pants so they can get cleaned up as they examine all the wetness in their panties and pants.


Scene Five
“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down” but not Mandy!  She likes just “Hangin’ around Nothing to do but frown” as she carries her umbrella and walks around with a very full bladder.  Soon the moment she has been waiting for happens and her pee starts running through her panties and jeans and down her legs!  She manages to stop peeing before the pee gets to her knees and then goes inside where she talks to herself in an unconvincing effort to convince herself that she didn't mean to do that but all the while she continues to let her pee flow until it is running off the cuffs of her jeans and soaking her sneakers.  She then goes into the bathroom to examine the wetness.  She pulls her jeans down to her knees and then continues to watch herself as she pees even more in her panties and lets it run down into her jeans.  There can be no doubt how badly she needed to pee in the beginning.  She may be saying to herself “Sometimes I'd like to quit” but secretly she never wants to quit!


Scene Six
Alexa has an accident in her shorts after running into a restroom and finding that the only stall with a toilet is locked on the inside.  After squirting enough pee into her panties and shorts to make a wet spot in the crotch, she jumps up onto the counter to position herself over the sink where she immediately continues wetting her shorts.  Sometimes accidents just happen but from the smile on Alexa's face, you never get the feeling that she is very upset by her accidents!


Scene Seven
Janessa has gone into the laundry room to do some wash.  She is wearing white spandex pants and a black top.  When she goes to leave, she discovers that the door is locked and she doesn't have the key with her.  Adding to her predicament, she also needs to pee badly.  She knows Adana should be able to hear her so she keeps calling out for help.  However, Adana is getting her shower and can't hear her!  After jumping around and holding herself for a while, Janessa starts to lose control.  She quickly stands in the empty laundry basket as a flood washes down the inside seams of her spandex pants, flows across her sneakers, and makes a puddle in the bottom of the laundry basket.  After the damage is done, Adana comes looking for Janessa and unlocks the door for her.


Scene Eight
Mandy is doing secretarial duties and is desperately trying to finish up a job that her boss wants right away.  Mandy soon discovres that this isn't the only thing that desperately needs to be done!  She has been drinking a lot of water and needs to pee!  All of a sudden while she is typing, she starts to leak in her panties.  She gets up and pulls up her long white skirt to examine the damage to her panties and the back of her skirt.  It is only a few drops so continues working in an effort to get her job done.  Then she realizes her need to pee is too urgent to wait any longer and she gets up, grabs the wastebasket, puts it between her legs as she pulls her long white skirt out of the way and begins peeing through her panties into the wastebasket.  Mandy is such a dedicated secretary that she won't even take time to use the bathroom!


Bonus Scenes
Finally, we have a couple of bonus scenes.  The first is an outtake from when Alexa and Ariel return in their car after wetting their pants.  They are still in their wet pants as they go to their friend's apartment.  Alexa tells a story about how she had an accident one time in her snowsuit while skiing.  The second bonus scene is of Mandy doing a photoshoot.  You get to hear the photographer instructing Mandy on what to do and watch Mandy as she wets her white tights for the camera.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
VHS tapes are no longer available.
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The video is also available on CD for $22.00 in MPEG1 format which will play on any computer.
This video is also available for download.
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