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I Need 2 Pee Video 27
You know you love it!  “I Need 2 Pee 27” features 13 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage where you meet the girls as they tell about their experiences while wetting themselves accidentally or on purpose.  You get 118 minutes of very wet scenes where these sexy girls wet their pants, panties, pantyhose and shorts!  Whitney Morgan and Cheyenne Jewel are new girls in this movie and they provide you with sexy desperation and wetting excitement.  Together with the regulars from I Need 2 Pee, they offer almost 2 hours of wetting entertainment.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 27 Trailer.  It runs a full 4 minutes and can be played on your Quicktime Player or VLC Media Player.


Scene One
Sexy new model Whitney Morgan is waiting on the balcony for her friend to come home.  She is pulling her jeans up so tightly to try to keep them dry.  She’s squirming and sweating as her bladder fills to the spilling point.  All of a sudden there’s a wet pissy spot and a huge puddle of pee under her seat as she gasps in embarrassment.


Scene Two
Cheerleader Galas thought she was playing kinky games with her boyfriend but he had other revenge plans in mind.  He left her tied up with a super full bursting bladder and helpless to do anything about it.  Her legs start shaking as spurts of hot pee stream out through her panties as she sighs in huge relief... how embarrassing.


Scene Three
Kenna is hobbling to her house and scrambling to find her keys, which are not in her purse!  She can’t even uncross her legs since she’'s using all her concentration to keep her high waist jeans dry.  A few spurts leak out and make a noticeable wet spot on her crotch but she keeps trying to not lose complete control.


Scene Four
Caroline and Sybil meet each other in a bathroom line and they are both dying for relief!  They are grabbing their crotches, doing the pee pee dance and doing all they can to stay dry as they banter about how badly they need to go!  Sybil starts spurting pee through her pants and the sight is too much for poor Caroline who loses control!


Scene Five
Sexy redhead Tori has been waiting for maintenance to fix her faulty balcony door latch and this time she’s in trouble!  She’s unable to open the door and her bladder is aching for relief.  Tori’s truly desperate to pee as you can see when she loses control and wets her tight jeans, making a HUGE puddle of pee.


Scene Six
Brand new hottie Cheyenne Jewel is your insurance salesperson and she arrives at your house already desperate for a pee but your wife is in the shower so she keeps checking your place to give you an estimate.  Her desperation is increasing and she does the desperate butt wiggle before unloading a huge torrent of urine all over!


Scene Seven
Louise is bursting for a pee but as soon as she stumbled into her apartment, her phone is ringing off the hook!  She grabs it and it’s her mom who’s crying and acting hysterical.  Being the good daughter she is, she tries to calm her mom while holding her bursting bladder as long as she can but she gasps as she starts pissing herself.


Scene Eight
The lovely blond Galas is coming home in her tight work slacks, showing off her curvy ass as she crosses her legs and grabs her crotch while struggling up the stairs since the elevator is broken.  A little spurt leaks out and she manages to hold her full bladder for a couple more flights before she completely pisses herself all over.


Scene Nine
Caroline Pierce is going to hold on for as long as she can and piss her tight blue jeans just for you.  They’re super tight in all the right places and they’re the high rise type as well!  She talks about how badly she needs to go and wiggles her curvy hips for you.  Then after the big pissy flood, you get a nice closeup of her soaking peed panties.


Scene Ten
You’re on your way to a party with Amo Morbia in the back seat and she’s dying for the toilets already.  She’s being subtle about how desperately she needs to pee but she starts spurting piss through her jeans and slowly soaking the car seats silently.  She’s too embarrassed to say much until she loses control and wets everything!


Scene Eleven
Kadie is back and bursting for the toilets but she’s holding it just for you!  She’s wearing tight tan shorts that show off the VPL of her cotton fullback panties just perfectly.  She squirms and describes how badly she needs to go but she likes the feeling of holding it until she wets herself!  The pee splashing down her bare legs just for you.


Scene Twelve
Lena Ramon is tied up, wearing her Levi’s 501 tight jeans that show off her butt just perfectly.  It’s really such a shame she needs to pee so badly as she struggles with her bonds and tries to call for help.  She is getting more and more desperate and upset as times goes on.  She can’t hold it and pisses her tight jeans completely.


Scene Thirteen
There’s a knock on your door and it’s your neighbor down the hall, Galas, a college student.  She locked herself out of the house and just wants to use your bathroom real quick.  But unfortunately your bathroom is occupied and you get to watch her squirm and try to hold it all in before she starts spurting all over!


Behind the Scenes
Meet the girls from I Need 2 Pee 27 as they change out of their wet clothes and tell you about their experiences and feelings while doing the various scenes you have just watched.


Running Time: 1 hour 58 minutes
Available on DVD
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