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I Need 2 Pee Video 25
You know you love it!  “I Need 2 Pee 25” is called “Summer Dreamin” and features 14 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 2 hours of sexy desperate girls wetting themselves!  Wenona is a new girl in this movie and together with the others, they will provide you with the excitement of watching them wet their tight blue jeans, panties, pantyhose, spandex leggings, and cheerleader uniforms.  See them intentionally wet themselves to get you aroused plus have accidents in public and private.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 25 Trailer.  It runs 3 minutes and 44 seconds and can be played on your Quicktime Player or VLC Media Player.


Scene One
Sexy asian Dragonlily is tied up and left after the robbers took the goods.  They didn’t know that she’s nursing a very full bladder.  She tries her best to struggle out of her binds to call for help but she starts wetting her jeans instead!


Scene Two
You sneak up on your GF Tia Ling while she’s desperate and doing the pee pee dance!  She almost wets her pants but you beg her to hold it longer.  She likes it when you’re so turned on and indulges your wet fantasies by holding until the last second.  She wets her leggings and then masturbates through her pissy panties just for you!


Scene Three
Caroline Pierce is locked out with you.  She is wearing white cotton panties, sheer hose and a skirt.  She’s already in agony and tries to phone her friend but her hot pee is already spurting out through her panties.  Watch out for the real big flood!


Scene Four
You’ve seen many of them walking the streets, office women off work in their suits and sneakers speedwalking home.  But this hot asian keeps pausing and crossing her legs desperately!  You’re in luck as she tries her best not to piss herself!


Scene Five
Lola Lynn and Kenna Valentina are back at it again!  This time they are frantically trying to break into their friend’s house to use the toilets.  Kenna is already bursting and leaking into her panties and shorts but MILF Lola Lynn tries her best to keep her jeans dry.  FAIL!


Scene Six
Ryan Ryder is giving you a special treat today: visible panty lines and tight leggings pulled up so high you can see her cameltoe.  She’s teasing you by holding her already full bladder and guzzling even more water so you can watch her sexy pee pee dance and butt wiggle before she floods her pants with hot urine in the bathtub!


Scene Seven
This was a REAL BONA FIDE wetting.  Poor Dragonlily was bursting to pee but the real test was to finish this scene.  She actually COULD NOT wait and started peeing her pants before she intended to do it.  This all happened on a busy street with cars going by!


Scene Eight
Your sexy girlfriend Caroline Pierce comes home with a bursting bladder!  But she knows that it turns you on and you’ll give her a good ravishing after, so she continues to hold her bladder until she loses control and pisses her blue jeans!


Scene Nine
Beautiful MILF Lola lynn in her first desperation and panty wetting scene, this time in a sexy French maid outfit with stockings and white panties.  She does the best pee pee dance with lots of crotch grabbing and double crossed legs before she explodes!


Scene Ten
You join the beautiful Tia Ling on her desperate walk to try to make it home.  Instead there’s lots of crossed legs, bending over to cup her full bladder and spurts before she loses all control and pees her skintight jeans outside on the sidewalk.


Scene Eleven
Ryan is in grey dress pants on a frantic drive to get to the office before her bladder gives out.  It’s dribbling out so she needs to stop to get out before the huge flood cascades down her pants and soaks her shoes.  Huge bladder capacity on this one!


Scene Twelve
Our first ever double cheerleader panty wetting party!  We’ve got new girl Wenona with braces and blonde Galas both hobbling along in their cheer outfits but Galas is really on the brink of bursting which she does in public.  Wenona isn’t far behind!


Scene Thirteen
Ryan is waiting in the Doctor’s office for her check up where she is required to give a full pee sample.  Of course she overestimated how much water to drink and now she’s struggling to hold it in.  She can’t do it and makes the mad dash for the toilet only to wet herself!


Scene Fourteen
We are having a pee holding contest for the last spot in the sorority!  It’s Orias Bastet vs. Candi Apple & they try to outlast eachother by tickling & trying to make the other pee their pants. Candi's legs are shaking as she starts pissing her leggings with the VPL uncontrollably. Well She's not letting Orias get away with dry jeans though!


Behind the Scenes
You are treated to several short clips of the girls after their video shoot showing off their soaking wet pissed in panties and tight jeans.  Watch the trailer for some great examples!


Running Time: 120 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
NOTE: NTSC format DVDs will play on most PAL DVD players in countries that use PAL format.
We now have a new master for this DVD which corrects the problem that a few customers had with the audio being out of sync with the video.  You can order with confidence that this DVD will play correctly on your equipment!
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