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I Need 2 Pee Video 2
You know you love it!  You love to hear desperate girls exclaiming, “I need to pee!”  What could be better than seeing it too as they lose control and wet themselves?  The next best thing to being there when it happens is watching it happen on the videos from ineed2pee.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 2 Trailer (4.3 Meg in Quicktime format).


Scene One
Ariel almost makes it! Ariel is walking home in her blue jeans, talking about how bad she needs to go.  When she finally gets in the house and runs to the bathroom it's already coming out into her panties so she sits down and wets right through her tight jeans into the toilet!


Scene Two
Raven's Business Meeting - Raven got off at the wrong busstop for her meeting, dressed in her suit, pantyhose and high heels. She needs to go so bad that she lets some out through her panties and hose! But she's still very desperate and trying to find the right building; but it's too late, her pee is cascading down her legs and into her pumps!


Scene Three
Nina is locked out in her white stretch pants and massaging her full bladder.  There are people around so she can't pull down her pants to pee. All her pee finally comes out, wetting her white pants and she's very embarressed.  Very real desperation!


Scene Four
Alexa stuck in car - Beautiful Alexa is stuck in the backseat wearing skintight jeans, crossing her legs and cupping her full bladder.  When the car finally pulls over she runs out and before she can find a suitable place to pull down her jeans she's already pissing full force soaking her jeans and making a big puddle!  Great desperation and telling us about how bad she needs to go.


Scene Five
Raven is locked out of her house.  Coming home from partying wearing her grey tights and boots.  She tries calling but there's no one home at all.  Her bladder is so full that she gives up and pisses right through them on the front stairs.  There's so much pee gushing out and splashing on the ground, completely wetting her tights for all to see.


Scene Six
Janessa's Jeans - Janessa is walking through the park, stopping lots to cross her legs and to try and not piss her light blue jeans.  There's people around so she tries to find secluded bushes to pee in but she's already going into her jeans!  It makes a huge wet spot on the back and now she's got to walk home like this!


Running Time: 50 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
VHS tapes are no longer available.
NOTE: NTSC format DVDs will play on most PAL DVD players in countries that use PAL format.
The video is also available on CD for $22.00 in MPEG1 format which will play on any computer.
This video is also available for download.
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