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I Need 2 Pee Video 18 - Graduation Day
You know you love it!  “Graduation Day” features 12 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 100 minutes of your favorite sexy desperation girls wetting themselves!  See newcomers Tabitha, Abernathy, Kelli, Jackie and Moana in their first scenes wetting their pants!  Watch returning girls like Bella, Ryan, Arianna, Tia, Nikki, Mandy and Violetta too as they lose control!


Scene One
You pickup a desperate hitchhiker, Bella, but it’s obvious that her bladder is bursting.  Can she keep her tight spandex leggings dry or will she soak your nice new car seats in shame and embaressment?  It's so cute seeing her squirming in discomfort like that.  At the end, when she's pissy soaking wet, she's dropped off on the road to walk!


Scene Two
Ryan is reporting on location for a local community news station and you’re the cameraman!  She is waiting to ambush interview a witness but she didn’t use the bathroom earlier and she is ready to burst!  She tries her best to hold it all in but it’s a losing battle... Good thing you're still recording it... and it's making Ryan MAD!


Scene Three
Hot and busty Arianna is back, this time as a painters model.  She must sit posed and still for the duration of the painting lesson.  She’s fidgetting and very desperate to use the toilet... until it’s too late and she’s soaked and humiliated!


Scene Four
Meet hot and busty MILF Tabitha, hanging out by the pool with teen Kelli.  If you didn't know them you'd think they were mother and daughter for sure!  Tabitha waited too long and stumbles to the public bathrooms, guys checking her out the whole time as she's grabbing her crotch in public view.  It's going to be a big pissy wet accident!


Scene Five
Abernathy is fast asleep when Kelli and friend decide to pull the ol’ “hand in water” trick.  Before long she is wetting her pants and bed!  When she wakes up she is PISSED off and sits on the toilet, blocking teen Kelli from peeing.  Kelli is wearing cotton panties with tiny terry cloth booty shorts and she completely floods those when she loses bladder control!


Scene Six
You see the hottie from the gym coming down your hallway so you strike up a conversation with her.  It turns out her name is Tia Ling and she is new to your apt. complex.  She seems to dig you too and hangs around to talk to you.  I think she's waiting for you to ask her out.  Oh no!  Tia waited too long and couldn't admit she was desperate to pee!


Scene Seven
Blonde Jackie is struggling to her house with the groceries, trying not to wet her blue jeans when her VERY annoying elderly neighbhor pops up and ambushes her!  She tries to be polite but hiding that she needs to pee really badly, doing the pee pee dance and bending over.  All of a sudden she can't hold it and loses her bladder control!


Scene Eight
Asian Tia Ling is back and this time we’re having fun in Vegas.  Of course she should’ve used the toilet before walking back to the off strip hotel.  She does a great pee pee dance in her cotton panties and jean skirt before she gushes her hot pee all over her bare legs and shoes, in the public parking lot while cars drive by!


Scene Nine
Meet Moana, a black haired hottie friend you’re having a cigarette with outside.  She discovers she’s locked out on the balcony and she’s wearing a short sexy skirt and sheer light colored pantyhose with cotton panties and cute pink pumps.  She gets increasingly desperate before the big flood... she even empties her shoes afterwards!


Scene Ten
It's blonde Mandy again!  And this time she’s in a sexy schoolgirl costume with cotton panties and sheer pantyhose and black pumps.  She has a desperate walk to a friends and when she sees the toilet she is so grossed out but her bladder just can’t wait!


Scene Eleven
Violetta is stuck in the car waiting for a replacement at the steakout when she gets the urge to pee.  She can’t leave the car so shes really trying to hold it in.  She gushes all over the seat and doesn’t know what to do about the mess.


Scene Twelve
If you like pissy soaked pantyhose then you'll love this scene.  Secretary Nikki is on an important conference call as well as on the computer.  It’s a bad time to use the bathroom so she grabs her crotch and holds on as long as she can... which isn't too long before her hot liquid pee is streaming out everywhere!  How embaressing!


Behind the Scenes
Several behind-the-scenes outtakes provide bonus material.  You get to see several of the girls changing out of their wet clothes after a scene is done.  One of the girls tells a VERY erotic and sexy watersports story from past while she shows you her wet panties.


Running Time: 100 minutes
Available on DVD
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