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I Need 2 Pee Video 17 - Sunny Winter 2009!
You know you love it!  “Sunny Winter 2009!” features 13 scenes plus behind-the-scenes footage in 104 minutes of very desperate sexy girls wetting themselves!  See newcomers Arianna, Ryan, Kim, Bella, Trixie, Debbie, Nikki, Violetta and Mandy in their first scenes losing control!  Watch your favorite regulars too in their moments of desperation!


Scene One
Arianna is tied up on the floor of her apartment as robbers steal her property.  She struggles to free herself but it is no use.  She pleads to be released so she can pee but her cries for help go unheeded.


Scene Two
Ryan is driving with three of her friends in the back seat.  She needs to pee badly but there is no place to go.  Her friends joke with her about her dilemma and try to comfort her.  When the pressure becomes too great, she stops the car, jumps out, and pees her panties on the side of the road.


Scene Three
Kim is a Real Estate agent who is showing a property to a client.  The owner has the only key but is late arriving to let them into the house.  Kim needs to pee very badly and eventually has an accident in front of the client.


Scene Four
Ryan, Debbie, Trixie, and Calliste are at the park talking about where they would like to have dinner.  They are all desperate to pee so Debbie suggests having a “holding contest” with the loser paying for everyone’s dinner.  It is not long before 2 of the girls lost control and wet themselves!


Scene Five
Bella has been pulled over by a police officer who suspects her of drunk driving.  She is given sobriety tests but keeps holding herself and squeezing her legs together while doing them.  The officer decides she needs a breathalyzer test and has called for a partner with the equipment.  While waiting for him to arrive, Bella is ordered to stand with her hands on her car because of her odd behavior.  She ends up wetting her pants because she has to pee so badly.  She is also shown changing out of her wet pants after returning home.


Scene Six
Ryan and Trixie can’t find their keys to get into their apartment.  They both need to pee and after trying the front door and the porch door, they eventually pee their pants.


Scene Seven
Kim was late arriving for her driving test and did not get a chance to go to the restroom before the test began.  She is visibly desperate while following the tester


Scene Eight
Debbie and Calliste are heading for a party but have gotten mixed up over some confusing directions.  They both need to pee and cannot find a place to use a restroom.  Eventually Debbie wets herself and the back seat.  Calliste makes it a little longer but then stops the car suddenly and jumps out but wets her panties and pantyhose as soon as she stands up.


Scene Nine
Arianna has arrived on time for a video shoot but the cameraman is late.  Arianna's boyfriend helps her pick out her clothing for the shoot.  As she is getting dressed, she is already desperate to pee.  Just before the cameraman arrives, she loses control and wet her pants.


Scene Ten
Ryan is totally desperate as she walks to a friend's place.  She sits briefly as she attempts to keep control of her bladder but soon after starting to walk again, she loses control and has a public accident.


Scene Eleven
Nikki's boyfriend decides to play a trick on her while she is sleeping.  He wants to see if the “hand in warm water” trick will make her pee.  She tosses and turns a bit but does not wet the bed.  Her desperate urge to pee wakes her up and she makes a dash for the bathroom.  She finds the door locked but her boyfriend opens the door before she has an accident.  It is too late!  The sight of the toilet makes her lose control and she wets through her pajama bottoms into the toilet.


Scene Twelve
Violetta is laying in bed watching a movie with her friend when she needs to pee.  Her friend tries to talk her into waiting until the movie is over but Violetta becomes too desperate and gets up to use the bathroom.  Her friend blocks her and then tickles her when she tries to get by.  Violetta can't hold on any longer and wets her pants right there on the carpet next to the bed.


Scene 13
Kim and Mandy are locked out of their house and they are both desperate to pee.  After searching for unlocked doors or windows, they try to find other alternatives.  Soon Mandy wets her jeans on the back deck and Kim wets her panties right afterwards.  Mandy is shown changing out of her wet clothes later when she has gotten into the house.


Behind the Scenes
Several behind-the-scenes outtakes provide bonus material.  You get to see several of the girls changing out of their wet clothes after a scene is done.


Running Time: 104 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
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