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I Need 2 Pee Video 16 - The Great Flood
You know you love it!  “The Great Flood” features 12 scenes and a bonus scene plus behind-the-scenes material in 110 minutes of very desperate sexy girls wetting themselves!  Newcomers Yuliya and Arizona join regulars Sheila, Marla, Candi, Michelle, Calliste, Ivy, Raven, Tia and Louise!  See what happens when girls hold it too long and lose control!


Scene One
Sheila decided to pull a prank on Marla and put her hand in warm water while she is sleeping.  The action has the desired effect and Marla wets her pajamas and her bed!  After Marla goes to the bathroom to clean up, she locks Sheila out.  When Sheila needs to pee, she can't get into the bathroom and ends up wetting her pants outside the bathroom door.


Scene Two
Candi loves her movies.  Rather than miss a good part of a movie, she desperately hangs on even though she badly needs to pee.  Finally, she makes an attempt to reach the bathroom but only gets part way across the living room floor before wetting her panties and leggings.


Scene Three
Michelle is on her way to the studio and the person driving her has little sympathy for her full bladder!  Every speed bump increases her discomfort and there is no place to stop for a "potty break."  Eventually Michelle loses control and wets her pants in the back seat of the car.


Scene Four
Calliste returns from shopping with a bladder that is about to burst and can't find her keys.  She does her best to hold it in but nothing works and her panties and pantyhose are soon soaked while a maintenance man is doing yard work a few feet away!


Scene Five
Ivy has got to go to the bathroom while waiting for some corporate executives to show up.  The bathroom door is locked and Raven makes some frantic phone calls to have the maintenance people get the door unlocked but the maintenance people are on break.  Raven looks on as Ivy loses control and wets her pants.  Ivy then strips out of her wet clothing hoping that no one shows up while she is running around in her panties.


Scene Six
Yuliya is on her way back from a party where she has been drinking.  She needs to pee badly and hopes she can make it to the toilet.  When she gets home, she discovers she has the wrong keys and can't get in her house!  After trying to call a friend with a key who can't come to let her in, she tries the back door.  Her bladder is bursting and she can't get in the back door either.  Finally, she wets her tight jeans and makes a flood!


Scene Seven
Michelle and Arizona are walking towards Michelle's house and they really need to pee.  They end of wetting themselves before they can even get to the door and are so frustrated with their wet clothes they start taking it on each other until the Michelle's hubby opens the door.


Scene Eight
Raven is at home cleaning the kitchen, when all of a sudden the lattes she drank earlier add up in her bladder and she really has to go relieve herself.  The pee comes out just as she gets in the bathroom as she doesn't make it in time to get her clothes off.


Scene Nine
Calliste went to the back of the house to look for something in their storage room.  She tries to get back in the house but her boyfriend left and didn't realize she was outside so he locked all the doors.  Poor her!


Scene Ten
Arizona is in her tight white pants walking home from school and she really needs to pee badly!  She crosses her legs and pulls her pants up tightly, she gets home but there is someone in the bathroom.  Michelle watches her predicament as she does the dishes but offers little sympathy as Arizona stands there and wets her pants.


Scene Eleven
Sheila is lost and her bladder is really full.  She is trying to find a place where she can use the bathroom.  Once she finds it she gets out of the car and starts wetting herself before she can even move a few feet.


Scene Twelve
Tia Ling enjoys the feeling of a full bladder and holding her pee for as long as she can.  Wetting her corduroy jeans is a special treat because of the way the fabric holds the wetness close to her body.  She proudly displays the wet patch on her panties after peeling off her pants.


Bonus Scene
Louise and her friend are at an outdoor beach party.  While checking out the guys, they realize they both need to pee and search for some place to relieve themselves.  Not finding any place to go, they squat down behind a wall and wet their panties.


Behind the Scenes
Finally, we have several behind-the-scenes clips.  The first is an outtake from Arizona in scene 10 after she has removed her wet pants.  She tells about a time when she really did have an accident after school in the 9th grade.  The second clip is of Calliste after scene 4 as she displays her wet pantyhose and then strips out of them in the bathroom.  Next is Yuliya after scene 6 as she talks about her feelings of doing her first wet scene.  Finally Calliste enters the house after doing scene 9 and strips out of her wet jeans.


Running Time: 110 minutes
Available on DVD
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