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I Need 2 Pee Video 15 - Summer 2008
You know you love it!  “Summer 2008” features 12 scenes plus behind the scenes bonus material in 107 minutes of very desperate sexy girls wetting themselves!  See newcomers Yuliya and Calliste in their first scenes losing control!  Watch your favorite regulars too in their moments of desperation!


Scene One
Louise has car trouble and when she finally finds an apartment to ask to use their bathroom, the asshole who lives there denies her and leaves her out in the hallway.  She loses control and ends up wetting her panties right in the entrance way to the apartments!


Scene Two
Raven confesses to Candi her secret pleasure: the sensation of holding in the need to pee and having a full bladder (especially in tight jeans).  Strangely enough, Candi also reveals that she loves it too!  They both end up wetting their pants in front of each other.


Scene Three
Tia Ling is desperate to pee as she climbs the stairs of her apartment building.  She is wearing tight jeans and almost makes it to the toilet but can't get her jeans off fast enough.  Oops!


Scene Four
Ivy had way too many drinks at the club and she passes out on the couch.  Her bladder is extremely full and she begins leaking in her tights while passed out on the couch.  When she becomes aware that she is peeing, she just lets it go!


Scene Five
Alice drank 2 Big Gulps while walking to the bus stop and her bladder is extremely full.  She gets to her friend's house and starts knocking on the door desperately!  She gives up fighting to hold it back and soaks her shorts.


Scene Six
Megan had many margaritas for lunch and she comes home desperate to pee but can't find her keys in her purse.  She tries to find a place to pee where the neighbours can't see her but she just can't find one.


Scene Seven
Yuliya and Janessa just got home early in the morning drunk and desperate to pee.  They try to find ways to hold the urge in but with their drunkeness and their full bladders nothing works!


Scene Eight
Calliste goes to visit her friend Mary for the first time and they try to find her place but it seems impossible.  She really has to go and now must head home with her white tight pants all wet!


Scene Nine
Sierra has a secret naughty streak!  She loves to wet her pants!  After drinking lots of liquids, she goes to the bathroom and stands in the bathtub.  She lifts her skirt and releases her pee in her panties as she enjoys that orgasmic feeling!


Scene Ten
Alex also enjoys the feeling of a full bladder and indulges her favorite pleasure while standing in the bathroom in her tight jeans.  When it becomes too difficult to hold on any longer, she releases the flood in her pants and her pee cascades in a shimmering, glistening, expanding wet area on the outside of her pants.  She then pulls down her pants to inspect the wet area on her panties!


Scene Eleven
Raven goes to visit a place she wants to lease.  She goes to the balcony to check out the view and gets locked out.  She is desperate to pee and wonders whether she will get the place if she pees there.  Sometimes there is no choice!


Scene Twelve
Alex is desperate to pee as she drives around looking for a bathroom to use.  Finally she can't hold on any longer and as she jumps out of her car, she pees her pants in one massive flood!  With her pants now soaked, she has no choice but to get back into her car and drive on.  One of the behind the scenes clips shows what happens when she gets out of her car again and checks the wet seat!


Behind the Scenes
Finally, we have a few behind the scenes clips.  The first is Yuliya and Janessa in the bathroom after their scene as they strip down to get cleaned up.  The second bonus scene is Alice spraying herself down with a water hose after her scene.  The third is Louise stripping off her wet clothes in her bedroom after her scene.  The fourth is Tia Ling stripping off her wet clothes in her bathroom and the last is Alex after scene twelve.


Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes
Available on DVD
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