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I Need 2 Pee Video 14 - Locked Out Again!?
You know you love it!  “Locked Out Again!?” features 12 scenes plus behind-the-scenes bonus material in 2 full hours of very desperate sexy girls wetting themselves!  See newcomers Gianna, Tia Ling, Dani and Louise in their first scenes losing control!  Watch your favorite regulars too in their moments of desperation!


Scene One
Sheila and Marla are locked out on the balcony of their apartment.  They both need to pee very badly!  Luckily, Sheila has her cell phone so she calls maintenance to help them get back inside.  Unluckily, maintenance does not arrive in time and both girls end up soaking their clothes.


Scene Two
Janessa is in the laundry room and enjoying her full bladder.  She loves to hold it back until she can't stand it any longer.  Just as she wets her panties, high heels and skirt, her roommates come back!


Scene Three
Candi is deperate to pee while out walking.  Unfortunately there is no place to go.  She sits on a bench to help ease the pain in her bladder but ends up wetting her pants!


Scene Four
Gianna is at a party with some male friends.  When Gianna has to pee, she discovers one of the guys is in the bathroom throwing up.  She urges him to hurry up while she goes outside for a smoke.  Then she finds out that she is locked out and no one can hear her pounding on the door because of the loud music.  She ends up wetting her panties and overalls before she is able to get back inside.  All the guys laugh at her as she goes to the bathroom to clean up.


Scene Five
Tia Ling is sleeping and one of her “friends” decides to play the hand-in-the-water trick on her.  She wakes up to find that she is wetting her panties, shorts, and bed!


Scene Six
Michelle is cleaning out the garage when she suddenly needs to pee.  She tries knocking on the door to the house but it is locked and her boyfriend can't hear her.  She tries opening the garage door but it is locked too.  Finally, she loses control and wets her tight tan jeans.  Then she takes them off to examine the damage.


Scene Seven
Janessa is out walking on a cool day and needs to pee badly.  She sits on some wooden bleachers to try to get control of herself.  She is unsuccessful and loses control!  Some pee leaks out into her sweatpants.  While she is examining the damage, she completely loses control and soaks herself.


Scene Eight
Dani came back home to find that she forgot the keys and there is nobody there.  To make matters worse, her bladder is full and she really has to pee.  She ends up sitting on a plastic deck chair and wetting her tight jeans.


Scene Nine
Julie and Janessa need to finish the gardening but their bladders are going to explode.  Janessa squats down so the neighbors can't see her and gives in to the pressure!  Janessa tickles Julie until she loses her pee too and partially wets her pants.  Then Julie goes into the bathroom to get relief from a bladder that is still very full.


Scene Ten
Louise and her friend are on the balcony having a smoke.  The friend runs inside and locks the door leaving Louise on the balcony!  Louise begs to be let in because she has to pee!  When her friend finally unlocks the door, Louise is all wet and her friend can't help but laugh.


Scene Eleven
Gianna is walking to a friend's house and is very desperate to pee.  When she finally arrives at her friend's house, he refuses to let her in to pee because she is late.  She pleads to be let in but ends up wetting her jeans right outside his house.


Scene Twelve
Mandy arrives at her friend's house very desperate to pee.  She knocks and knocks but no one answers.  She struggles to hold it but eventually lifts up her long skirt and wets her panties and skirt.


Behind the Scenes
Finally, we have a couple of behind-the-scenes.  The first is an outtake from Candy showing off her wet pants.  The second bonus scene is of Gianna displaying her wet pants and panties after she finished scene ten.


Running Time: 120 minutes
Available on DVD
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