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I Need 2 Pee Video 12 - Urine Luck
You know you love it!  “Urine Luck” features 12 scenes in 90 minutes of very desperate sexy girls wetting themselves!  You also get 3 behind the scenes bonus clips.  See new models Dani and Betty in their very first wetting experiences on camera plus see many of your favorite regulars as they have accidents because they need to pee so badly!


Scene One
Alice is working to deliver a package which has been shipped “collect.”  She is desperate to pee and even asks the customer if she can use his bathroom but he is not willing to let her in his house.  Eventually she loses control as she is waiting for him to find his money to pay for the package.


Scene Two
Michelle and a new model, Dani, are suntanning at the park wearing their bikinis but they are too desperate to reach the toilets at the park.  Michelle gets up to duck into the bushes but she doesn't reach it in time and pees in her bikini!  After returning to her blanket to examine her wet spot, she urges Dani to just pee in her bikini too.  Dani is reluctant to do something like this in a public place but Michelle convinces her to do it!  After Dani wets her bikini too, she puts on her jeans in preparation to leave and her pee soaks through her jeans leaving wet spots!


Scene Three
Michelle is on the phone just after arriving home and having drunk quite a few cups of coffee while she was out.  She is trying to get her health insurance renewed.  She is put on hold for quite a while and begins doing a pee-pee dance as she waits to talk with her provider again.  The worker returns to the phone just as Michelle is losing it and wetting her shorts!  She is forced to discuss her insurance coverage while she is pissing herself.


Scene Four
Ivy was so tired after getting home she just had to take a nap.  She neglected to use the bathroom first, a mistake after drinking water all day.  She awoke to the warmth of her wet pants and panties.  She can't believe what she has done as she goes to the bathroom to clean up!


Scene Five
Marla is struggling with her bursting bladder on the street pulling her tight jeans up, crouching down, crossing her legs and doing everything possible to not wet her pants in public!  It is a losing battle as streaks of pee run down the inside of her pant legs making them glisten in the sunlight and a puddle forms on the walkway between her legs.


Scene Six
Sheila and a new model, Betty, get home and have no keys.  Desperate for a bathroom, Betty can't hold it any longer so it trickles out through her jeans while she is sitting over the ledge of an upstairs deck.  Sheila runs to the bushes hoping a neighbor won't spot her and pulls down her pants to pee.


Scene Seven
Janessa drank a lot of coffee before leaving for her friend's house.  She takes a short cut through the park, walking with her legs together as tightly as she can so her pee won't spurt out in public.  She sits briefly on a park picnic table with her legs crossed to try to keep control but it is too late and some pee seeps into her jogging shorts.  Before going much further, she loses complete control and wets herself totally!  She examines the wet patches on her pants and underclothes!


Scene Eight
Megan is working hard as the secretary in a doctor's office while she is desperate to pee.  Her replacement is late so Megan can't get a break to go to the bathroom.  After holding herself as long as she can, she grabs the wastebasket when no one is in the office and starts to pee uncontrollably through her panties and pantyhose into the wastebasket.  Still alone in the office, she removes her pantyhose and inspects the wetness on her panties.


Scene Nine
Sheila walks into a park looking for a restroom because she is desperate to pee.  She walks up to a guy to ask directions to the public restrooms.  The guy offers to walk with her to show her where they are.  Sheila can barely walk she is so desperate!  When they get to the restrooms, they are locked.  In a few moments, Sheila loses control and squats down wetting her panties.


Scene Ten
Dani is wearing perfectly fit and very tight jean overalls but she's locked out.  She walks in tiny baby steps to try and get inside but starts leaking spurts of hot pee before soaking them completely!


Scene Eleven
Alex is hurrying home.  She is desperate to pee!  She is holding herself almost all the way!  She keeps looking around hoping no one will see her in her predicament.  Just before she reaches her house, she starts leaking in her jeans.  There is a big wet patch on her rear.  Just as she is about to go in the door, she discovers she forgot her keys.  Right then, she floods her pants!  She calls her boyfriend on her cell phone and discovers he is home and can unlock the door.  As soon as she gets in the door, she strips her wet jeans off.


Scene Twelve
Sara is helping a friend with a construction project.  She is holding a window in place while she is desperate to pee.  She begins to spurt pee in her pants while holding the window and as soon as she can let the window go, she looks for a place to pee.  She does not make it very far before she completely loses control and soaks her pants!


Behind the Scenes
There are 3 behind the scenes extras.  The first shows Sara after Scene 12 is shot.  The second shows Betty from Scene 6 as she is cleaning up after the scene.  The third shows Dani from Scene 10 as she is cleaning up after the scene.


Running Time: 90 minutes
Available on DVD
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