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I Need 2 Pee Video 11 - Wet Summer 2007
You know you love it!  “Wet Summer 2007” features 11 scenes and 1 hour and 50 minutes of sexy, beautiful girls wetting themselves — more than any previous title from ineed2pee plus you get 3 behind the scenes bonus clips.  Watch new girls Ivy and Megan in their very first wetting experiences plus see many of your favorite regulars in accidents and deliberate wettings!


Scene One
When Ivy is locked out of the bathroom, she does a pee dance while trying to figure out how to deal with her situation.  Finally, she decides to climb over the kitchen sink and squats just in time to let her river of pee soak through her terry booty shorts and into the sink!  Then she takes off her wet shorts to examine her wet panties.


Scene Two
Ivy and Michelle have a “pee holding contest” to see who will win a pair of new shoes!  See the girls taunt and tickle each other while wearing tight pants and skin tight jeans to see who can make the other one lose the contest.  You are the winner when both girls end up wetting themselves!


Scene Three
Alice is desperate in two ways — she needs to poop and to pee!  See her squirm and wiggle in her short shorts before losing her effort to hold her pee!  She wets all over the kitchen floor!


Scene Four
Michelle loves to hold her pee until she starts leaking involuntarily.  The pleasure of letting her pee flow in her tight jeans is only surpassed by the pleasure of playing with herself through her wet panties!


Scene Five
Alex stops in at her friend's house to use the bathroom but is confronted with accusations that she was making out with her friend's boyfriend the night before.  She is not allowed to use the bathroom and ends up wetting her pants.  Her “friends” then take pictures of her to humiliate her.


Scene Six
Megan and Janessa are walking home and they both need to pee badly.  Janessa tries stopping to sit on a swing set to get a grip on her problem but ends up wetting her pants.  Megan makes it a little further but then wets herself through her pantyhose!  When they get home, they change out of their wet clothes.


Scene Seven
Megan is working at a lingerie and sex toy boutique where she has no access to the bathrooms.  She is already desperate to pee when a male customer comes in who does not know exactly what he wants.  As she shows him multiple articles of clothing and sex toys, she becomes more and more desperate until she loses control and wets her pants.  In a changing room, she romoves her wet jeans and examines her wet panties as she tries to decide what she can put on that is dry.


Scene Eight
Janessa is working on her roof and needs to pee when she discovers that her ladder has fallen down.  She hangs on as long as she can but eventually wets her overalls.


Scene Nine
Raven has just arrived at her friend's house after a workout wearing her tight spandex lycra exercise outfit.  She badly needs to pee but her friend is not home.  After several desperate phone calls, she finally wets herself outside the back door.


Scene Ten
In addition to enjoying the feeling of wetting herself, Michelle also likes to tease!  She lets you know how much she likes the feeling of a full bladder before slowly releasing it to let her warm pee run through her panties and down the legs of her pantyhose!  She makes a big puddle on the kitchen floor and enjoys every moment of her naughty act!


Scene Eleven
Shiela is caught short while walking in an area where there is a lot of traffic and people walking around.  She makes it as far as a pedestrian bridge and then squats down to wet her pants behind a retaining wall after she begins wetting them while walking.


Bonus Scenes
Finally, we have three bonus scenes.  The first is scene with Raven that could not be used as a regular scene because the camcorder was turned off during the wetting.  However, you do get to see the before and after parts of the scene.  The second bonus scene is of Ivy talking about what it was like to do her first scene while she is standing in her wet panties after shooting the scene.  The third is Alex after the fifth scene was shot as she removes her wet pants and jokes around with the others in the scene.


Running Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
Available on DVD
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