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I Need 2 Pee Video 10 - Still Holding On...
You know you love it!  “Still holding on...” features 9 scenes and 3 behind the scenes bonus clips.  You will enjoy upskirt panty wetting, soaked blue jeans, accidents, intentional wettings, and insights about what was happening that only the behind the scenes bonus clips can give you!  See all your favorite models and their mishaps when they exclaim, “I Need 2 Pee!

Download the I Need 2 Pee 10 Trailer (6.2 Meg in Quicktime format).


Scene One
Alice is waiting for a bus to arrive to take her shopping.  She miscalculated how badly she needed to pee when she left her house and now she is completely desperate.  As she sits inside a sheltered waiting area at the bus stop, she completely wets her panties and skirt.


Scene Two
Mandy has just finished shopping and is looking for her car in an outdoor parking lot.  She needs to pee badly and is holding herself as she walks around trying to find her car.  Soon the inevitable happens and she floods her jeans!


Scene Three
Candi comes home to find Alice asleep on her couch.  When Candi can't get her to wake up, she decides to have a little fun and test the “hand in warm water” trick to see if it will make Alice pee.  It works!  And Alice is very mad when she wakes up and finds her pants all wet!  She decides to get back at Candi by tickling her.  Since Candi had to pee anyway, she is soon having an accident and wetting her pants!


Scene Four
Michelle is walking home from work in her hospital scrubs.  Whether it is the rain or the fact she did not get a chance to use the bathroom at work, she urgently needs to pee.  She tries every trick she can think of to get her mind off her very full bladder but in the end, she ends up squatting down and causing her own rain storm!


Scene Five
Candi is very desperate and is wondering around a hotel trying to find her room.  She finally finds her room and makes it to the bathroom but then she can't get her zipper down because it is stuck!  There she is... standing right in front of the toilet... with an urgent need to pee... and she can't get her tight jeans down!  She fights to hold on a little longer but her pee starts running out of her.  She gives in and sits on the toilet as she continues to pee in her jeans.  Then she finally gets the zipper unstuck and pulls off her pants to clean up.


Scene Six
Michelle and Mandy decide to have a contest to see who can hold their pee the longest.  Since they both have to pee badly, they know it won't be long before a winner emerges.  Michelle's damn breaks first sending a forceful stream right through her jeans.  The sight brings on a similar flood from Mandy as her white jeans become soaked.  Then they go inside the house where they strip down and compare their wet clothes.


Scene Seven
Adana's boyfriend wants a little friendly revenge for Adana making him wet his pants the day before.  He catches up with her outside when she needs to pee and ties her hands together and then ties her to a tree.  He leaves as she pleads for him to come back and release her.  Finally, she can't hold on any longer and soaks her jeans just as her boyfriend returns with a camera to take pictures of her accident to put up on the Internet for all her friends to see.


Scene Eight
Michelle is very desperate as she drives around looking for a bathroom.  When she reaches the point where she can't wait any longer, she stops the car, jumps out, and soaks her tight tan pants.


Scene Nine
Alice has become lost while looking through a large parking grarge for her car.  She goes up and down stairs and elevators while she is exceptionally desperate to pee.  When she loses control, she is climbing the stairs.  She stops as the flood cascades through her track pants and runs down the stairway.


Bonus Scenes
Finally, there are 3 bonus scenes and you can see pics from a couple of them above.  The first shows Alice removing her wet clothes after doing Scene 9 and she shows how wet her pants and panties are as she puts on dry panties and pants.  The second shows Michelle removing her wet clothes in a bathroom after doing Scene 4.  The third shows Mandy in her car removing her wet pants after doing Scene 2 and putting on dry pants.


Running Time: 80 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
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