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I Need 2 Pee Video 1
You know you love it!  You love to hear desperate girls exclaiming, “I need to pee!”  What could be better than seeing it too as they lose control and wet themselves?  The next best thing to being there when it happens is watching it happen on the videos from ineed2pee.

Download the I Need 2 Pee 1 Trailer (4.3 Meg in Quicktime format).


Scene One
Candi is driving home but her bladder is so full she pulls over at a park to find the bathrooms, which of course, there aren't any!  She tries to find some quiet bushes but before she can get her tight blue pants off her pee is already coming out!  Now she has to walk back to the car with soaked pants.


Scene Two
Nina is driving while desperate and spots her old college.  She stops and tries to get inside but it's Sunday and school is closed!  Before she could find someone to let her in her pent up pee gushes out of her panties and splashes all over the ground and her shoes.  She had to go so bad that her legs were shaking!


Scene Three
Taylor is waiting for her friend at the playground, trying not to wet her tight blue jeans.  She finally tries to find a place to let it out, but before she can it's pouring out through her jeans, making a big wet spot on the back!


Scene Four
Alexa wetting her white pants - Alexa and I are walking home from lunch and she's gotta go so bad!  She's having problems walking since her bladder is so full.  Hear her talking about how bad she needs to pee before it starts gushing out of her tight white pants.


Scene Five
Ariel wets her blue jeans - Ariel is walking home, very desperate to go.  She sees an office building but all the doors are locked since it's the weekend!  She spurts a bit, making a small spot on her tight stretch blue jeans before she can't hold it anymore and completely soaks them!


Scene Six
Candi is rushing home, wearing her jean mini-skirt and cotton panties.  She's locked out of the bathroom when she finally gets in, struggling not to soak herself in the hallway.


Running Time: 45 minutes
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