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This Web page at Patches' Place is intended to complement and supplement the video information found at the Hightide video description page for White Room Yellow Games.  Please refer to the Hightide site for the official video description.

White Room Yellow Games

Our girls have pissed on carpets, sofas, cars and, of course, on each other but hot piss sex in a toilet is a first.  Dutch porn starlet Danny Sun leads the pack of our three dirty piss girls, all new faces and piss naturals who were never in front of our cameras before, and the toilet is the perfect place for their relentless urine orgies.  This film features a number of genuine, very loud orgasms as the girls shove their toys in every hole, dripping wet with their lust juices, saliva and piss.  Believe it or not, they were so loud we had a complaint from a neighbor.  You'll love their yellow games in the white room.  Stars Danny Sun, Vanessa, and Carice.

Running Time : 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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