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This Web page at Patches' Place is intended to complement and supplement the video information found at the Hightide website.  Please refer to the Hightide site for the official video description.


"MORE PISS" Inger yelled at the end of the SWEET PEESLAVE shoot— with an unforgettable, naughty look on her face.  There we go, Inger.  The sweet peeslave, returns for more wet, soaking fun and she’s waiting for her friends Benita and Christine to wake up so she can taste their salty, strong morning wee.  Total piss extasy on the bed with an especially kinky scene where all three girls wee in a bowl and Inger slurps it all up with a spoon, licks it and then gets a special type of shower.  Medicine for a bad, bad girl and piss is her cure!

Running Time : 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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