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This Web page at Patches' Place is intended to complement and supplement the video information found at the Hightide web site.  Please refer to the Hightide site for the official video description.

Rubber Pissers

Sharon and Jamie engage in truly perverted, pissy rubber roleplay.  The mistress teaches her pupil the ins and outs of hard watersports that day and the blonde sub is eager to learn from an expert in the field.  Jamie had to hold the salty content of her bladder as long as possible until just couldn't keep it any longer.  Her piss sprays all over her mistress’ floor and wet punishment is due.  Hard oral piss play, dildo fucking and some very naught games with a urine filled condom are just a few things those rubber pissers do to become true masters of watersports.
Running Time : 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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