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This Web page at Patches' Place is intended to complement and supplement the video information found at the Hightide web site.  Please refer to the Hightide site for the official video description.

Confessions of a Real Life Bedwetter

Amy is the same girl who has appeared in Hightide Vol. 5 and Hightide Vol. 6.  She really does love wetting her bed and everywhere else too!  This 90 minute video begins with an interview with Amy where she tells about her beginnings as a bedwetter.  Between scenes, the interview continues as she reveals more about her personal life and her wetting experiences and pleasures.  There are numerous scenes showing her wetting her bed, her shorts, her pants, her panties and some nude peeing scenes as well.  She enjoys her golden showers too and one scene shows her getting a golden shower from a guy and another scene shows her giving one to a guy.  This video covers most watersports topics including several desperation scenes where she holds out as long as she can before wetting herself.

We have a marketing agreement with Wet Set and Hightide to sell and distribute this Hightide video in NTSC format.  You can order this Hightide video using a secure order page.

Running Time : 90 minutes
Available on DVD
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