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This Web page at Patches' Place is intended to complement and supplement the video information found at the Hightide video description page for Bodily Fluids.  Please refer to the Hightide site for the official video description.

Bodily Fluids

The title says it all—liters of piss, spit, cum and gushing fluids are consumed in vast amounts by three of the horniest girls we every had the pleasure to work with.  Debbs gushes and pisses her salty liquids into the mouths of her fellow watersport comrads.  English porn stunner SANDIE DAVIES eagerly receives every drop of it in her mouth.  British sweety Emma doesn’t want to stand back and receives one piss load after the other in every body hole.  One of the highlights is the usage of a funnel which forces Brad to receive each girls yellow stream with a wide open mouth.  A piss orgy like no other, this video is bound to become a classic of the genre.

Running Time : 60 minutes
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