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Slippery When Wet


Scene One
The movie starts with Poppy answering an advert placed by Portia and Pandora for a girl to share their house with them. Poppy is a student at the local college. They soon explain the rules of the house and get Poppy on the floor for some wet sex as she is welcomed as a new tenant.


Scene 2
The next morning Poppy and Portia get to know each other a lot more with some horny girl/girl wet fun. They then go out for a walk.


Scene Three
Dave has been asked to get Poppy's luggage from the station and brings it to the house. He is welcomed by Pandora who is keen to get him on his own. She asks him for some help in fixing an overhead light, but as soon as he is on the step ladder she quickly unzips his pants and indulges herself in a long warm drink of his piss. They move onto the stairs for a hard wet shag.


Scene Four
Pandora and Portia decide to go and visit Dave's house, they find him just off to play soccer, but he welcomes them to stay while he is out and tells them to make themslves at home. They are soon drinking beverages and relaxing on the couch. Pandora becomes desperate to pee and Portia helps her let go all over the couch and the lounge floor. They pull the couch out flat and continue to give each other golden showers and warm mouthfulls of amber pee. Portia has to go to attend a lecture at her college and leaves Pandora awaiting Dave's return.


Scene Five
Pandora goes and hides in Dave's bed. She has found his camcorder and is secretly filming him from beneath the covers when he returns. Dave, thinking everyone has gone home is very surprised to find Pandora hiding in his bed and decides that if anyone should be videoing it should be him filming her, and takes the camera from Pandora and starts to film her get wet and horny, writhing on his now wet bed. She sucks his cock and makes him kneel to drink her piss. Pandora is now on the bed and Dave spreads her pussy lips with his toes as she pisses onto his legs and cock. Horny as hell Dave pushes his stiff cock inside her and fills her full of his pee, Pandora returns the pleasure and wets onto his purple dome.


Scene Six
Pandora goes downstairs to make them a cup of tea, she decides to use her pee instead of water and fills the kettle up. Now feeling horny she jumps up onto the counter top and pisses while she makes herself cum. On realising the time, and that it is late, she makes her excuses and sets off home.


Scene Seven
Meanwhile, Poppy has got her old friend Suzy to visit her at her new lodgings. They are soon re-living good old wet times as they drink from each other on Poppy's bed. They are right in the middle of their slippery fun when Pandora returns.


Scene Eight
Pandora is keen to join in and gives both girls a golden soaking. The girls soon pin Pandora to the bed, licking and tongueing her till she pisses and cums. All the girls then sqirm around, touching and probing while they drench each other on the piss soaked bed.


Scene Nine
Looking forward to many more similar encounters the girls kiss and the film draws to a close.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD for $40

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