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DepthCharge 2


Scene One
Sahara and Margot get off to an explosive start in a girl/girl make out session on the couch which quickly goes from kissing to sucking tits to peeing on each other!  KABOOM! The first depth charge explodes in an orgasm!



Scene Two

Sandie and Debbie know how to celebrate Christmas and their wassail bowl packs a hot punch which is very different from the traditional!  The girls imbibe their sweet and salty brew directly from each other to quench their thirst.  Another depth charge is on the radar screen!


Scene Three

Wendy and Clare enjoy some summer outdoor fun together in the sun as they pee and tease each other while getting each other aroused.


Scene Four

Pandora, Wendy, and Kaz enjoy some foreplay with dildos as their bladders get ready to explode in a sea of pee all over each other and the floor.  The release of all that liquid provides them with exquisit pleasure as they turn each other on.  It's time to release some counter measures for this depth charge!


Scene Five

Sandie and Debbie have forgotten the wassail bowl by now and go for the pee fountains that each supplies for the other to quench their thirst.  It's a good thing depth charges are designed to go off under water!


Scene Six

Sahara and Margot just can't get enough of each other as they show their love in constant kissing, pissing, and mutual masturbation!  These girls will turn you on just as much as they turn on each other!  This depth charge does some real damage!


Scene Seven

Pandora and Wendy know just how to get each other off with finger fucking, golden showers, and even some watery nipples!  Fire in the hole!


Scene Eight

Sahara and Margot are back at it with some ass play, spitting, wetting their clothes, and masturbation!  You may explode watching this scene!


Scene Nine

Pandora, Wendy, and Kaz are in a playful mood as they pee on each other and drink from each other's stream.  Some oral sex adds to their pleasure before someone finds the whip cream!  Just imagine the fun you can have washing whip cream off each other with a golden stream!  It will sink your boat for sure!


Running Time: 65 minutes
Available on DVD for $40

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