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Bump is a different type of movie from most of the titles that Glimpse offers.  It has a story line that continues from scene to scene.  It features Dave, Pandora, and a very pregnant Poppy so if you enjoy pregnant pissing, you will love this movie!  It also has some bonus scenes at the end with material that has never been released before.


Scene One
Dave and Pandora are spending some quality time together doing what they love to do: fuck and piss together on a lazy afternoon!


Scene Two
Suddenly they get a call from a very distraught Poppy who has just been kicked out of her house and has no where to go.  Dave and Pandora invite her to come over to their place.  Pandora knows that Dave her always had a “thing” for Poppy and soon they are making her feel right at home!  They invite her to stay with them for a while and soon they are exploring their mutual interests in watersports with Poppy.


Scene Three
Pandora introduces Poppy to some vibrator action as they act out their sexual fantasies and soon Dave joins in the fun as he introduces some arousal techniques of his own.


Scene Four
During a nice day, this threesome ventures out into the yard and end up watering more than the grass as they play some updated versions of beach blanket bingo!


Scene Five
Poppy is definitely enjoying all the hospitality that Dave and Pandora have shown her and she shows her appreciation by participating with them in more watersports activities in the privacy of their bedroom that keeps everyone up all night without any sleep!


Scene Six
Now the girls decide to show Dave a really good time so he doesn't feel like an after thought to all the fun the girls are having with each other.  Any guy would die to have two sexy girls take care of him like this!


Bonus Scene One
Bonus scene 1 has Dave and Pandora acting out a fantasy of what might happen in a home invasion if a guy were to break in and find a woman there.


Bonus Scene Two
The second bonus scene shows Pandora and Dave having some private watersports fun at home on their sofa.


Bonus Scene Three
The third bonus scene shows porn star Sandie Davies and a friend in some naughty sex and watersports antics!


Running Time: 80 minutes
Available on DVD for $40

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