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Pee Play 5 - Strange Behavior
Pee Play is a new series of videos produced by Patches' Place under the name of Blue Ice Pictures.  It is different from the Patches series of videos which offers short scenes and mostly wet clothing.  The Pee Play series offers longer scenes, mostly nude peeing, and sexual touching which is a normal part of foreplay for both lesbian and heterosexual relationships.  It is sexy, sensual, and playful.  It is not raunchy nor extreme hard core content.  You know what foreplay is - now discover new, exciting, wet turn ons in what we call "Pee Play!"


Scene One
The video begins with an erotic scene by Genesis and Vicktoria dressed in fancy lingerie, dancing provocatively with each other like a teasing foreplay to lesbian sex.  It includes sensuous touching with hands and vibrators.  Vicktoria eventually strikes down nude and while sitting on the floor with her legs spread apart wide, she creates a pee fountain for Genesis to enjoy.  Soon Genesis leans back against Vicktoria and rubs the crotch of her panties while flooding them in a moment of pleasure.


Scene Two
The second scene features our new model, Alexia.  Both she and Genesis are pregnant and feeling those frequent urges to pee.  Since Alexia is just hanging out with Genesis at her home, they decide to have some peeing contests as a fun way to pass the day.  As they decide whether the first contest is who can pee the longest or who can pee the most, Alexia whips off her pants, squats, and begins peeing a forceful stream right on the floor.  Then Genesis takes a turn, pees on the floor and loses.  She vows she will win next time as Alexia announces that the next contest should be who can pee the farthest while standing up.  This is a great scene for fans of pregnant peeing.


Scene Three
In the third scene, Vicktoria is laying in bed waiting for her boyfriend to show up.  When he is delayed and she is too desperate, she begin leaking in her pants.  This turns her on and next she begins doing little spurts in her pants.  To stimulate herself better, she removes the pants and plays with her wet panties.  Getting more and more arroused, she gets out two vibrators, one to insert inside and the other to stimulate her clit.  She begins peeing while using the vibrators and brings herself to an orgasm that just keeps going and going.  As she finishes with a warm, glowing smile on her face, she decides she doesn't need her boyfriend anyway.  What she has just experienced has taken care of all her needs.


Scene Four
The fourth scene finds Vanessa, Vicktoria, and Willow out sunning themselves on a blanket in a public park.  They begin daring each other to get more adventurous and soon they are all topless and then they get bottomless too.  Having to pee, they take turns peeing completely nude in the middle of this public park.  Not satisfied with being this adventurous, Vicktoria tells the other girls they are boring.  When they ask her for ideas of what she wants to do, Vicktoria gets a vibrator and starts using it on Vanessa.  Then she dares Willow to lick Vanessa.  Willow says she will but doesn't think Vanessa will let her lick her pussy.  After thinking a moment, Vanessa says, "Come on, bitch, lick me!"  To her surprise, Willow does it.  Vanessa admits this is the first time she has been licked by a woman.


Scene Five
Vicktoria is tied up in a chair in the fifth scene.  Some other girls have bound her arms to the chair arms and her legs to the chair legs leaving her helpless.  They have also stripped her except for a short, cut off top.  Vicktoria thinks the other girls are waiting right outside the door to listen to what she will do.  She keeps calling to them and pleading with them to release her because she has to pee.  Finally, Vicktoria can't hold it any longer and starts leaking on the chair in little spurts.  Despite her efforts to hold her pee, she finally loses total control and floods the chair and the floor.


Scene Six
The final scene is the most extreme scene ever done by Blue Ice in a series of videos that are known for avoiding raunchy, hard-core scenes.  Vanessa and her male lover are in bed together.  The foreplay includes golden showers and even peeing in each other's mouths.  Vanessa lets her lover eat a cherry out of her pussy and they have a good time with other foods like chocolate and whipped cream.  You will have to get the video to see everything this hot and steamy scene has to offer.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $40.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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